Mor-mor 沫沫 the Labrador returns to Pukemokemoke

in #dogslast year

I'm not much of a city person and the lockdown had been taking it's toll on my mood. Mor-mor 沫沫 insisted we made time to hang out in the bush for a few hours. I was a bit concerned about the weather. Off to Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve.


So, I promised to find a quiet spot and build a shelter suitable for naps and snacks. Preview image!


Do I look like a Bow Hunter? As I was walking in, one of the Reserve volunteers drove up to catch me because from a distance it looked like I was carrying a bow. Sorry mate! It's my trekking poles and that thing on my hip is the dog's water bottle. We both had a chuckle.


The Kereru (native wood pigeons) were out. They are fat birds whose wing fluttering makes a lot of noise. They sometimes crash through the canopy too. Notice the distinctive white apron. The species is protected so it's prison time and a $20k fine to kill/injure one.


The muddy ground needed a careful approach. Mor-mor 沫沫 slipped a couple of times.


It's good to practice setting up a shelter. This took only a few minutes. It's a plow-point/diamond configuration using poncho. The hood is pulled upwards using a trekking pole to provide more room. I have a groundsheet, an inflatable mat and a Swagman Roll (like a woobie/jungle blanket) to keep us warm. The diamond point is attached to a tree also using bungy cords. Easy!


And I dozed off while the dog kept guard. Her nose was always sniffing and she looked out for every noise. There were a few passing showers but we stayed warm, dry and comfortable.
Three of the Reserve volunteers came walked by, including the guy who asked me about bow hunting. We had a chat and they seemed to like my setup. And, I've signed on to join the Reserve volunteers.

Dog and I napped for another hour before striking camp and heading home. The sun was behind the hill and so it was a bit chilly. I wore the Swagman Roll like an over coat. Very warm!

It was great to be outside again. Until next time.


Aww, Mor-mor is so sweet! Looks like a beautiful place to spend the day. I do like your simple shelter as well!

That is a beast of a dog, very regal in it's pose to, no doubt a very trusted friend.

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You sound a bit like my friend in Taiwan who takes us out hiking, except he doesn't have a dog. He likes to go wandering around in his own as well.

Do you need to go through training before you start your reserve duties?

It's nothing special really. Show up and help maintain the trails and enhance the plantings. The reserve used to be grazed so the understory is being regenerated. And, many of the swampy open areas are being replanted. It's one of the few places I can take a dog due to conservation laws.