🐟🐟DOER-MINNOWS PROJECT THE FIRST CONTEST EVER🐟🐟(Community Contest | Create an animated GIF for The doer-minnows banner

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Hi STEEMian's

Good day,

Today is our first day making a contest regarding the doer-minnows projects. The doer-minnows projects needs a new banner and design, That is why we created a contest in the title... Community Contest | Create an animated GIF for The doer-minnows banner.

Ok, as we know for every contest there must be rules right? But before that, the contest will give out 5 Steem and 5 SBI shares (courtesy of @sparkesy43) as a reward. Users who make a wonderful animated banner could win. Winners will be randomly selected by our Admins. So what are you waiting for? All pro/non-pro freelance designers, come and join the fun!!! The new designs of doer-minnows banner use forever.

This promotion is all about the doer projects, administered by Admin initiated by @doer-minnows team. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the contest will be directed address to Admin.


The Contest is open to all steemians around the world. Which means whenever you are you can join the contest such as arts & design.


You can enter the contest by using your skills in arts & design. Use the doer-minnows banner and make it more interesting for us. Make any kind, whether simple or a complex design, for a chance to win the contest.

What is it about?

  • For the use of doer-minnows project

Who Can Join?

  • Everyone


  • 5 STEEM and 5 SBI shares

Rules are very simple...

  • First use the banner shown above

  • Contest ends at post pay out

  • Make a banner aminated

  • Comment your animated GIF in the comment box below

  • One entry per steemian


Our judges Community Contest | Create an animated GIF for The doer-minnows banner is our beloved @johndoer123 the Admin. So good luck to all and enjoy your day with full of a positive mindset to face the new challenges on #newsteem to get to the next level of the communitization.

Thank you

Team doer


In addition to the 5 Steem Prize, I will also sponsor the winner for 5 shares of Steem Basic Income

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I got the post edited to reflect this newest edition to the prize. Thank you for throwing your support out here!

Amazing! Thanks my good friend. Doer-minnow will edit the post to reflect this awesome gift.🤗


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Keep up the great work @doer-minnows!

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