A Super Cool Plant With Flowers That Look Like Humming Birds!

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas where we definitely don't have these plants. They're only found in Northern Australia, I guess they thrive in the sand dunes there.

Check them out, the scientific name of this plant is Crotalaria Cunninghamii but is commonly called the Green Flowerbird or Regal Flowerbird:


Tiny little things they are and I'm the last person in the world who would normally use the word "cute," but man these things are cute! lol.

One article I read had a psychiatrist saying the flowers and leaves aren't really shaped like Humming Birds, it's just our mind tricking us into seeing Humming Birds because they remind us of them.

Yeah right. These dang flowers are shaped like Humming Birds! No trickery to it. Do you guys agree?


Of course not all of them are shaped exactly like Humming Birds.


But enough of them sure are to make them amazing plants.

Here's another tiny little cute one!


I wonder if they grow in North Texas? Probably not, I don't think our soil is sandy enough here. I think these guys are remarkable. Another amazing wonder from Australia!


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!





Those are truly amazing and a sight to behold! Nature is fascinating, thanks for sharing!

Howdy again sir simms50! I agree, I was gobsmacked when I saw these things, just incredible!


That is incredible! Wow. I wonder if it's to stop hummingbirds from drinking/eating. The fly by and think birds are all over it and there is no more room.

Howdy squirrelbait! I'm glad you liked those, I'm amazed at the perfect proportions of most of those leaves looking exactly like the birds. Good thinking of why that is, I haven't found any explanation like that but it sure is logical!

Yep! These flowers do look like humming birds. Awesome.

I agree sir Vincent, they remind me of those origami things you Asians make, right? lol.

These are too cute, gorgeous looking flowers 💚

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Howdy today clitadias! I agree and I'm glad you like them!

Hi janton, I love nature, the tag amazingnature is so spot on. A really lovely post.

Howdy angiemitchell! I was amazed as well, I'm so glad you liked it!

@pooky-jax i am gonna get @galenkp to send some seeds and see if we can grow one of these....?

We gonna see you on Hive mate?

Or is it.... see you on the cult...?

Never was much of a joiner, a true lone wolf.. here.

But if You are there, also a cold beer, and a campfire..... Sign Me Up.!!

or have a cult joining ceremony

It is All Good.....

Do You have access to the seeds of the..... Crotalaria Cunninghamii but is commonly called the Green Flowerbird or Regal Flowerbird:

@pooky-jax is a Humming Bird Nut...! It was Her Mothers Fave Bird, and Ours now......

I will join yer Hive..... For a satchel of seeds..... LoL

On my way to get a Satchel Bag Fulla Seeeeeds...!!!
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Like all things from Australia...These are amazing. Lol.

lol..there ya go sir galenkp, typical Australian excellence!

They sure look like hummingbirds to me Cowboy.

I want this plant, I need this plant...so cute! I was just going to say that I will check to see if they ship to USA but then I remembered our new normal. I will write the name of it down for the future though. I will say it again...Nature never ceases to amaze me!

Howdy again Butterfly! I'm so glad you like this plant, it's totally amazing ain't it? You might have to put it in a pot of sandy soil for it to grow there since it grows on the sand dunes.

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Howdy today anneke! I agree, and those leaves or flowers are so small that most people would never notice them but you are so right, amazing things all around us.