Could a cannabis substance replace opioid pain relievers?

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Canada-based scientists have finally discovered how the cannabis plant produces molecules that may relieve pain without the risk of addiction. Researchers have known about the pain relieving potential of cannabis for decades, but they have had to wait until now to determine how the plant creates such effective substances. Their findings may help provide a solution to the opioid crisis

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This is a truly amazing break through!

My Mum had been prescribed morphine related painkillers for well over a decade ending in them not working and Her being fully addicted to more than 5 a day.

She battled through and come off them with her own will power, which was not easy for her.

I believe a cannabis related medicine would have fully worked and she would be able to fully pick and choose when to take the medicine, depending on how bad the pain was each day.

My Mum now battles through the pain as she is scared of being addicted to something similar..

So many use cases have proven cannabis medicines work almost every time in one way or another, and are beneficial in a variety of people.

I will continue to show her the pro's and con's of this medicine and allow her to make her mind up in her own time.

Although it is fully illegal in our country to have possesion of cannabis the Government and Dr's are slowly becoming accepting towards medical use, and each day realising the benefits on a broad scale. Which is awesome!
Certain Doctors have the power to prescribe cannabis medicines to extreme cases of patients, which is really really good. I would just love to see a much more vast adoption of cannabis for the uses that it be good for.

Have a great day :)