Meet Your Newest DLike Pro User

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Yay Me!

I am now a DLike Pro User.

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 10.00.37 PM.png

Sometime last year, I decided to give DLike a small delegation. It has paid me in liquid steem, in DLike tokens, then in DLiker Tokens, and in payouts when I do decide to share some posts.

It also makes me feel like a witty investor to watch my crypto multiply without having to do much work and still being able to keep control of my STEEM.

I was stacking those coins, when I decided to stake 8000 of them because of some promotion or other that they were having.

Then they went ahead and issued a "Pro Status Special" in which you needed 10,000 tokens in order to be a Pro User.

I was annoyed, because now my tokens were all staked....

But now, finally, I have gathered enough to become a pro user and this is what I get: The ability to share up to three articles per day, and 3x votes on all my dlikr posts.

Sounds like I will be sharing more soon, although probably not more than daily.

Thank you STEEM Blockchain for making an investor out of me. Even a "bad" investor here can earn a passive income.



Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

Hello - I used the Leo interface to post but it’s not showing up on my blog in the interface. Any idea why?

Thank you

Probably because many of the front-ends don't accept @dlike posts.

When posting in @dlike use their own site to post is my suggestion. actnearn , marlians, neoxian definitely do accept @dlike posts so simply tag accordingly. Hope this helps :-)

And welcome to @dlike Pro user club!!!

This was a post about me being on dlike, not a dlike post. When I post through dlike I usually don't bother to tag any of the other tribes unless I am adding my own take on the story. But thanks for the explanation, that surely might be it.

Hi @metzli ,Good for you, your investment is already paying off, I'm going to look for information about it, i like investment and even more if I have passive income.
Happy Saturday

These days, the passive income we make on here is kind of a joke - but I am hopeful that it will grow and grow like little seeds that grow into huge trees.