Even short periods of physical inactivity are damaging to our health

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We know for sure that having a physically active lifestyle improves our health. We also know that if we remain inactive for long periods of time our health would deteriorate. 

But are we doing any additional harm to ourselves if we lead a sedentary lifestyle for a short period of, say, only two weeks? If yes, what kind of harm do we then cause ourselves? 

Researchers from Liverpool John Moores University and Newcastle University set out to research the effects of short periods of inactivity on our bodies and the results would surprise you. 

Below is the link to the article written by these researchers discussing their findings. 

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That is an interesting study and eye-opening for people like us who are sedentary workers. We can't allow this inactivities to harm our body.

Thanks for sharing this with the community.

Apologies, just saw your note, @hafiz34. Yes, you are right. Many of us do sedentary work in the office and don't even walk when we can.