Bob Marley Foundation to celebrate reggae legend’s 75th birthday – Punch Newspapers

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When when you live a life that is so rich and everybody sees you as an icon it is very important to be celebrated even after death even after you have left the world it is very very important that people celebrate you, it keeps you in their memory this is what has been done for Bob Marley and it shows in every aspect of his life that he has left a legacy, he has left something big for the whole of Mankind, for the whole of creation, even in the music industry he has created something, he has created a shoe so big that others can't fit in, even today the more it is the necessary that all comes to emulate him,that's the first thing.

Secondly to also celebrate him and thirdly to also look into the life and legacy of the legend in this posthumous birthday it is important that we all come together to reflect on the redemption song. The song that has brought freedom to the world.

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It is like he is still here with us. The power of good music.

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doesn't seem like it has been that long, wow

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