Monero in slight Trouble

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I have said this before and I will say this again, Privacy Cryptocurrencies like DASH, Monero, etc are a little ahead of time. Once again another exchange has shut their doors for Monero over Compliance Risk. I do get that the Exchange is trying to save themselves but that indirectly is hurting Monero a lot.

Monero is an awesome Privacy coin and I even used to mine it in my PC back in the days but at a Time when we are pushing for General Adoption and Acceptance of Cryptocurrencies, coins like Monero and other privacy coins do stick out like a Sore Thumb. Don't get me wrong here I am not against Monero or anything but I feel like Privacy Coins should have emerged after the General Public accepted Cryptocurrencies and not before that.  

# What are your opinions on this matter?

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