Beware of Scams

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Scammers are getting innovative by the day and it is upto us to safeguard ourselves against such Scams. I can't say this for other countries but in India the Government does little to nothing to safeguard its people or to educate their people against any Scams or to spot one.

This article cited below is a classic example as to how ignorant people are while doing any online transactions. The guy lost close to 1500 USD just like that and there was nothing he could do about it. I woukd really like if the Government played an active role in protecting their people from such Scams and not just rant about Crypto being a Scam. It's really ironic that our Government rants about Crypto being a Scam as some people lost money to some Scams which weren't even Cryptocurrencies and every day 100's of people lose money to normal online money scams.

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