DLEASE Delegation And Reward Comparison

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DLEASE: Digital Asset Leasing Platform.

I started using this platform to delegating my SP and see how it works and it has been good so far.
I have been delegating SP to @tipu and @upmewhale for a while and I wanted to compare how @dlease will stack up against them.

My 500 SP delegations go to @tipu and @upmewhale each and 340 SP goes to @dlease.
Here is the daily payout.
@tipu gives a little more than @upmewhale or @dlease but they are pretty much the same.

Even though @dlease delegation is the smallest, I am receiving pretty much the same amount in return so that ROI is higher than @tipu and @upmewhale.

One catch is that you have to find the right lessee on DLEASE market.

Delegation amount, duration, payout, APR are different depends on lessee.

If you can find the right lessee, DLEASE is the clear winner to delegate your SP 🙂

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From your statistics, it implies that @dlease pays much better than @tipu and @upmewhale. If 340 SP gives same reward as 500SP delegation then the former is better.

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yeah i am going to do more @dlease!
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