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It's been awhile since I talked about my delegation. In #hive #blockchain, it's an entirely different story. We don't have bid bots here. The mission and motto here is clearly indicating focus on community development. So, what left is TIPU, which we can delegate for a small return. Even that, the investment return is relatively low, roughly 10% APR.

My previous modus operandi is simply, I want my Power to be maximized whilst I'm using a leased Power to reward others. That way, I can choose to earn a premium APR, and used that APR to pay for leasing fee. That however, seems like a need to change. By the rate this is going, I'll be forking out so much more trying to maintain my voting power.

Now, should I continue the lease? But I'll be losing more hive than previously because there's no more robots earn money for me and send me back a premium APR return. Note that these lease are deal before the fork, so I actually paid once and got both. I'm grateful for @buildteam to have an airdrop for the lease. My usable HP will be left with 4082 after the 3 leases expires in few days, and my upvote value will be shrunk by 40%. Tell me what do you think at the comment section below. Do you even want my 10c full upvote? LOL

p/s: I'm also aware the API is down for the moment, so the vote trailing service is not available. Will be nice to see how much organic vote I'll be getting from this post.

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Lol I've leased out almost every bit of STEEM I've got trying to build up a little war chest for the halvening, I really hope we see all time highs so I can dump it all on some bag holders

Thanks for the honest answer. I myself are not so much of playing with the crypto game no more. This whole social blogging thing had turn out to be a study of my life, a hobby, and some form of research so to speak. It's fascinating to see when you have x amount of usable steem/hive power, you'll get which group of supporter.