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RE: owl woodcutting

in #diy11 months ago

I expect to see you fully converted to woodworking in a few days :-)

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no, no.. my hands are growing from the ass :P
besides that, I am involved in other more urgent deals.
'you cant be strong everywhere', as Buonaparte told me.
thanks for your good wishes tho, @sketch.and.jam



Haha that is a strange saying x-)

quite on the contrary! Napoleon was a genius of tactic and strategy, and he was in the know how to win. you cant be strong everywhere -- focus on one field, and beat your enemy at this certain field..... voyla.

Haha i was talking about hands growing from the ass as a saying lol. Beware the Russian winters Napoleon lol.

Hey @sketch.and.jam, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!