owl woodcutting

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Today I was happy to help my colleague in the office with my subject photography skills. This woodcut owl figurine is his work -- but the artsy photography is already mine!

taken with Canon 5D + 50mm 1.4 + 150mm tele

I knew the figurine isnt that small (13-16cm) so I choosed to do the job withmy portrait 50mm lens, and also I brought in my dedicated macro lens (for some possible emergence). Also, I asked him to bring in his woodcutting tools -- which turned out a brilliant idea, they worked greatly as a props, and as a background at the same time.




Material used: the walnut wood. Tools: hand-made chisels (he told me, some of them he made, or improved, himself) and good hands. The sketch of the owl he drew himself too.


The walnut wood is one of the nicest sorts out there, in terms of the texture and the colour.


When the figure was ready, he also treated the wood with special oil, which creates a protective coating. The wood becomes harder (i.e. obtains some protection from scratches) and looks much more beautiful and "more noble". As he told me, oil is of course more expensive, but also much cooler than usual varnish.


Holding this piece of art in my hands... my colleague have infected me with a desire to visit this local store, that he told me is selling various wood of expensive and rare varieties. No, I’m not going to buy and order anything (I can’t afford it!) ... Heh ... but at least I will look and hold these luxuries in my hands. And, of course, will take some pics to share (tho the warehouse has a poor lighting, as I figured out from his story).

Actually, there are some urgent needs: I own two vargans (aka 'khomus', aka 'Jewish harp'), and I always borrow one of them with me in a small bag. A lightweight durable wooden case to house them, would be just perfect deal.

Plus more pics, same stuff, just different takes and angles and props.





Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day!


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вот сов люблю, одну даже в бронзе отлил))
А что было за освещение для предметного фото?
Свет строго сверху?

да, обычный свет, офисные люминесцентные светильники кластерами. его было много и вот. если бы снимал дома, можно было бы подсвечивать лампами направленно, рулить самому, а так - брал что есть.

совы многим нравятся, да. у нас есть одна дарёная - вырезана из жестянки из-под оливок! сфоткаю как нибудь.

я понял. Такой свет не даёт объёма, да, тут надо подсвечивать, правильно говоришь)

ну вот фактуру на пёрышках (ближний план, снятый макро) он вполне себе дал сфоткать. а лицо - конечно, тут все ушло в тень, с одного источника тем более сверху. но мне фотки понравились, милая кремово-белая фактура холста примиряет со всем.

смотрящего поделку интересуют прежде всего детали самой поделки)
Фон да, важен, до доминировать должен сам объект ИМХО конечно)
Может как резчик на это смотрю)))

ну, у меня кажется нигде нету фокуса на резцах... именно сАва и доминирует. сава-гегемон, практически!
ты как резчик-профану скажи лучше, как тебе работка?

нормальная работа, я бы только фейс сделал повыразительнее ))
А для чего дырки внизу, под нецке, что ль?))

дырка вроде неспецально, просто между лапами.

мне тоже глаза/фейс не показались выразительными.

Brilliant 😊

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I expect to see you fully converted to woodworking in a few days :-)

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no, no.. my hands are growing from the ass :P
besides that, I am involved in other more urgent deals.
'you cant be strong everywhere', as Buonaparte told me.
thanks for your good wishes tho, @sketch.and.jam



Haha that is a strange saying x-)

quite on the contrary! Napoleon was a genius of tactic and strategy, and he was in the know how to win. you cant be strong everywhere -- focus on one field, and beat your enemy at this certain field..... voyla.

Haha i was talking about hands growing from the ass as a saying lol. Beware the Russian winters Napoleon lol.

Hey @sketch.and.jam, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

Really cute owl figure and you got some creative shots of it! Nice work :) I actually really like the picture of the spiral wood shavings as well.

@tipu curate

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o-oo! nice to hear that, @carlgnash (of the spiral wood shavings :)))

I take it you work with bambuka then?

actualy, no. ofc i'd mentioned him if it was his art. its my collegue from the job I am currently in. woodcarving is his hobby. @bambuka isnt the only carver in Russia :)))) so it was a wrong logic, @nikv

Mainly it was that the style seemed a little familiar ;)

a-aaa.... hmmm... afterwards, also another idea came to my head: why should he ask me to help with taking pics, at all?! Bambuka could do it himself without my camera, thats for sure :))))))

Nice carving and great photography too. A good effort all around I'd say. 😃

This is very nice handwork
Ja obožavam sove
Brillant 🎇

thank you, viki. it is not my work, though. my part was only taking the pics.



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This is very nice handwork

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