Restoring an old rusty Chimenea wood heater

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Restoring an old chimenea heater.jpg

I have built a rocket stove / BBQ combo from bricks a while back but in winter it can get too cold to enjoy an a diner outside. So I have been keeping an eye on various websites for a good opportunity to grab a wood heater. I was also considering building another rocket stove out of metal that would also acts as a heater with the metal diffusing the heat around. But I recently picked up an old rusty Chimenea that was very rusty and the door is almost falling apart.

It still works great as is and wouldn't need any work done on it but I wanted to remove the rust on its outside surface and paint it with high-temperature stove spray to extend its lifespan.

Testing the chimenea

Hot flame from the Chimenea

On the night I took it back home, I fired it up to see how good it is and I was delighted to see that it was burning very well and the heat was spread out to at least 2 meters around it.

I read on other blogs that you can use a Chimenea (also spelled Chiminea) as an oven for baking or doing BBQ. You can also remove the top and get an open fire pit.

Trying to restore the chimenea

Last weekend, I took the chimenea out on the grass and tried to manually scrub the rust out. Well that wasn't an easy task at all. So I brought out the drill and used a special accessory that allows me to attach a circular scrubbing pad to it.

Scrubbing the rusty chimenea with a drill

It managed to scrub the surface rust but there were bigger chunk that refuse to go away unless I scrub them with a hard metal scrubber. I needed to drink something to boost myself so I went in and prepared a Chimarrao:

Chimarrao in the garden

So I had to upgrade again... This time I got my angle grinder out and bought a twisted wire cup brush and man... that was powerful!

Scrubbing the rusty chimenea with a angle grinder and cup brush

Big chunks of rusty metal came of to reveal the nice material underneath. Still, it took me a while to do just 1/5th of the whole chimenea. I had to go to a friend's BBQ party so had to stop right there. Will continue this wekeend and get you guys updated.

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Hope you had some chiminea left after scrubbing the big chunks of rust off 😆

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I was actually worried about doing that but it ended up being quite a tough material.

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