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Warning: This post contains what some may consider graphic or offensive images.


We all know this, but how well would each of us do in an emergency situation? One where, for whatever reason, our stores no longer have food on the shelves. When all is going well(especially in places like America) it seems at times unfathomable that this could happen.


This means at any given time, there is only enough food in the store to get them through until the next stock order...but what if it never came? What would you do to feed your family, or just yourself?

Would you steal from a neighbor? Maybe eat the family pet? Or if faced with starvation, would you kill others to save your family?


Be self sustaining and never worry about if the stores run out of food(poison). This is the reasoning for our most recent home school project. I want to pass along my knowledge on self sufficiency to my son, so he will also be prepared, should worse come to worst.


For our project we will be usinga pretty basic crossbow, made by Barnett, and called the Jackal. Before using it, we had to assemble it and install the scope. Once that was done we sighted it in to ensure the crossbolts would go EXACTLY where we we're aiming.

We will be hunting white tail deer. An intelligent and very elusive deer that lives in America. A larger one call easily provide 200 pounds(90 kg) of non gov't poisoned wild meat. With permits and hunting expenses it costs me about twenty dollars to bring in a deer to feed us. I will kill around 5 this year, and it will provide us all the meat we need for a year so.... $100 for a years worth of meat. The same amount of meat would cost us about $2500 at the store. And i would then be filling my family with toxins from all that junk meat.


We started by tracking the deer to figure out where they were And when. After that is figured out we set up our deer stand and begin the hunt. It took a few days(we saw deer everyday we hunted) to get one in the perfect place to take a shot...but it happened...


It was evening and the sun was about to set. Evan was anxious and really ready to finally get one. A small group of white tails came into sight. As silently as I could, I got into position to take the shot. Once set up, I held,and waited for the perfect opportunity to land the shot...IT CAME! And i took it. I am all about harvesting every little bit of meat as is possible from the kill so where I sank the bolt really mattered as it will destroy all the meat it comes into contact with. But the shot was perfect and almost no meat was wasted!

We field dressed(removed all the internal organs) it there to prevent a mess at home. Plus the organ meat will be left in the wild and will provide a great meal for a bobcat or group of coyotes.(We try to waste nothing.)

During the dressing, I even found what was left of my crossbolt stuck inside her. This was great because it allowed me to recover the arrowhead from the crossbolt.(saves me 15 dollars having to replace it, and would have increased the cost of taking this dear.)




After arriving home, we began the process of removing all the meat from the deer. This is a pretty simple deal, and the first step is to remove the fur and skin to gain access to the delicious meat underneath. After that, each limb is removed and the tenderloin and rib meat is removed, along with the meat along the neck.



Next, is the easy We simply cut some steaks out of the tenderloin and dropped a tiny portion of butter in the pan (to prevent sticking to the pan) and drop them in.


Each side only needs to be cooked for about 7 minutes. After that, we add just a dash of seasoning and they are ready to be devoured. The taste is amazing and simple. The texture is smooth and the meat almost falls apart in your mouth.



If you love being a self sustaining individual, and love hunting your own food, leave me a comment saying so and a link to a post you have recently posted. I'll swing by and give you a visit. And if you homeschool and are looking for like minded people, also leave a comment below and I'll fill you in on an awesome group of friends I have here.

*All photos are mine taken with my Kyocera phone.


These sort of type of paddock to plate posts would be perfect for the @foodfightfriday project.

They would also likely yield you some tribe tokens with the "lifestyle" and "actnearn" tags as well.

I reckon this post should also get some love from @splatz.

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Foodfightfriday huh? I really actually thought when i heard that tag that it was just food fights. I never thought it might have been about foods in general.😁 And all the does one keep track of all that? You're doing very well to do so. I always think when i post, what's the best tags?....and i can never think of the tribes and what tags to use.😂🤣 So thank you for steadily helping with that.

For me the tags and tribes have been a combination of snooping and research.

I found it useful to look at the Steem Engine wallets of the people I regularly upvote to see what tokens they were staking as well as the tags they were using on their posts. Then had a look at the tribes themselves to see what their posting guidelines are and see if they fit what I'm writing.

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There's nothing better then wild meat and your own freshly grown veggies.

You inspired me to cook some deer ribs today and I intend on starting them as soon as I'm done posting this reply.

I have been lucky enough to have a freezer full of deer for the past many years and hopefully that continues as you noted its much healtheir for us then store bought.

Ohhh. Haven’t tried a deer meat yet before but looks like beef. Hehehe :)

Hey!!! Long time dear friend! How are you doing? And yes, it looks like beef....but the flavor is completely it's own.

Doing good. Haha. I have been so so so busy lately but i missed my old self and the people here that is why i came back :D

Well I'm glad you're back. Are you going to stick around FOREVER this time?😁 It's getting even better here. With manual curation being so popular and with the tribes, my post value has went from around 0.27 to well over 2.50 on average. I'm loving it so much so far!

Hahaha. Hopefully, yes. :D Wow!!! Good to hear that. You deserve it. :)

Evan seems fairly confident with it all. Is it something he's been raised with? My girls never got comfortable with the prepping of our birds, but they didn't even come across this sort of thing until they were older.

Yes, he's always been around it. Skinning deer since he was 4. He loves the meat any way we can make it.(a lot of jerky for this one😁) So he really does enjoy all the aspects of it. Plus, he gets that same feeling of "I'm taking care of my family" that i get along with a huge sense of happiness and pride for the hard work he does. It all makes him feel so special. He did cry for just a minute with this one. I think because it was a young one and because he's missing his mom so much this last month. His mom deal has had him very emotional of the late.

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Doing good there John.... looking forward to see more...


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Thanks for the trendo brother. And there will be more to come. I made jerky last night, so i need to get a diy post up on that. How have you been friend?

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Truth be told. Not doing well. See if I can survive next week first.

What can be worse than being down and out.... it's bad is all i can say for now...

you have a point my friend, meat in the public market are full of toxin. I totally agree about hunting but it depends on a place where you're living. In our place it's hard to find wild animals because our forest is not that big. But learning how to do homesteading is a good idea. You can save money and you don't need to go in the City to buy food which is bad into your body.

good luck for homesteading my friend, just take care always. have a nice day

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It doesn't take a lot of room. If you can have rabbits. A male and 2 female rabbits will produce enough babies to feed 3 people. Plus hunting smaller animals is good too. Do yous have to have permits to hunt or can you just hunt what you want?

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