Let's protect kids. Boycott Disney. Boycott Hollywood productions.

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Talking about elite pedophilia used to be an incredibly taboo subject that got you labelled a conspiracy theorist and one of the worst of them. Now, it's just a joke at the golden globe awards ceremony. However, just cause it's a joke to them doesn't mean you should stand idle. You have a wallet. Use your wallet to impact society. If we all do it then big things can happen.

If you're looking for the funnier entry into this story check out this by Ricky Gervais:

This is his performance at the Golden Globe where he talks about Epstein and how the actors are all friends with the child trafficker.

If you're ready for the harder hitting story then check out Tiffany FitzHenry. She's a former HollyWood screen writer and actress who is now on a tear going after pedophilia and narrative control in HollyWood. If you have questions about what happens or who is involved you can start by reading her latest article: https://tiffanyfitzhenry.com/breaking-news/world-exclusive-mother-of-sexually-abused-boy-bander-breaks-her-silence-implicates-disney-caa-hollywood-records-lapd-da-industry-elite-in-pedophile-ring-cover-up/

Here's the full interview with the mother.

Let me sum that up.
Agents are handlers grooming kids.
They give underage kids excessive alcohol.
They sodomize them.
They normalize this behavior and they try to keep the lid on it... but it's coming out, it's been coming out, and now more people are paying attention.

She's doing amazing work showing that Hollywood is full of pedos, and many of the stars we know are groomed CIA agents. They work in narrative control, which is upstream of politics. So, them fighting for global causes that on surface look good for people, but are actually trojan horses for more CIA meddling, further taxation, and whatever other agenda they are working. The people that are in powerful positions in the industry are those that have sold their bodies and souls to that agenda. They aren't the kind wonderful people that the media portrays them to be. They are mostly disgusting perverts.

Are you still really surprised or shocked? Have you seen what happens to kid Disney stars? Have you seen how they sexualize kids?

Anyway, the best way I know to kick off a Boycott is to just drop some memes.


while we are at it let's also add military, police, and government to that boycott 😉😉🤮🤮🤮🤮

Funny!!!! When I wrote about this exact same thing, @blocktrades smashed my post with downvotes. You write about it and they don’t care at all? So is @blocktrades a supporter of pedofilia or do they just not hate you? Confused. I’ll never see another movie again and haven’t seen one in at least 8 years. Disney.....I would never go there or recommend it to anyone.

Yes, there is a double standard here. I am optimistic that once communities arrives it will get better and things will "even" out a bit.

Don't forget to boycott Church too because you know Priests are freaks too


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It’s like Christianity, no one cares how it got there they just want to save you.

many Altar Boys were molested by priests and then the Church collude to keep quiet about these atrocities, so boycott church too

I think it is important to speak about this and it is so true that moms can be groomed and brainwashed by pedophiles.

I am a survivor.

That Ricky Gervais performance was hilarious