naghashiye jadidam

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salam doostan. emshab in chehraro entekhab kardam baraye naghashi kardan.
bade keshidan nemidonam chera labkhandesh khob nashid masalan bayad khande be lab dasht ama nashod.
dar har sorat chehreh ee ke keshidam ro bahatun share mikonam bebinid.
omidvaram shabe khobi dashte bashid.






This is a nice sketch @famegirl but don't you think it would be helpful to most of us if you make your post in both language?
I don't understand this language and I guess this is Spanish.
It would really be helpful to use both English and Spanish for some people who can't translate this or understand

Hello. You are right. In the next posts I will try to explain in English.

Yea dear. Thank you so much for putting it into consideration.
I await your next artwork

We can't type in non-Roman text here? I happen to read Arabic/Persian, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew scripts, but I don't know much spoken Farsi yet, and I'd have an easier time learning if I could see it the way you'd normally write it. I hope they give us that capacity soon.