"Self-Portrait (Holy Fool)" by Richard F. Yates

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[Digital drawing. 2020.]

My wife hates this image. She says it looks like I'm hurt---but I tried to explain to her that it's not ME; it's an image! She says she doesn't like the "bloody" eye. I said that it's not supposed to be bloody; it's supposed to look like I have 3-D vision eyes. (Notice that the other eye is blue! Well...greenish, although it STARTED blue before I messed with the colors.)

I think it's funny!

And.....turning the page...here's a new Low-ku!

Broken records blues
Slivers of vinyl bebop
Stuck in the soft sole

Such a sad poem. Can you imagine? A broken record... It's too awful to think about...

Let's move on...

I started a new book review this afternoon, my first in FOUR MONTHS! I intend to finish it tomorrow. That would be good! (Good is good.) Uuummm... I'm also going to mint more art NFTs tomorrow. (I posted two new 'uns on NFT Showroom today, although one of them sold already. That happens, sometimes!)

Here are the two I tokenized. Can you guess which one sold?



Exciting times in the NFT universe! New artists jumping on board, sales going on all over the place, and tons of fantastic artwork being made (that even poor folks like ME can afford to collect!) Exciting times...

Thanks for stopping by!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)



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