"Last Night Was a No-Sleeper..." by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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Haven't had a bout of insomnia that bad in a loooong time. I think I finally frittered off to sleep a little after 4:00 A.M.---and I had to work at 9:00!

Brain's a mess. The world is spinning out of control. Illness, stress, money, stock market crashes, isolation, CONSTANT news buzzing around my head, elections, and stimulus packages, and unemployment, and medication, and weight gain, and fuuuuuuuck....

Here is a graphical representation of my mental state as of about an hour ago:

[Digital drawing. I like the little stick man!]

So...still arting, which is positive. Still loving listening to music. Played some Minecraft today---working on making an ART GALLERY in the game with real, IMPORTED images that I've bought on NFT Showroom. I'm pretty BAD at the game, though, so it might take a while before I'm ready to share THAT project in any depth...

The world ain't all bad, actually. I mean, at least I got some reading done last night (Alan Moore's comics are very enjoyable.) I also posted my first photo to Lensy.io today, (which is like NFT Showroom, but for more straightforward photography, as opposed to super-manipulated, digital art that is BASED on photos.) I also posted a new art NFT to NFT Showroom, and it SOLD pretty much right away. (Good for me, but sad for you because you definitely would have wanted it!) Maybe I'll mint some more art tomorrow, but if I DO it will have to be early in the afternoon because the grandkid is staying over tomorrow night! For the first time! We'll see how it goes...

Let's end tonight's "sign off" post with a Low-ku!!!

The PREZ in ill heath
Can't REALLY be in danger
Cuz it's all a HOAX!

(Sorry... Got a bit political there. Let's tack on a BONUS NONSENSE LOW-KU!!!)

Skibbity bip bop
Tiger hides under your tongue
Stripes and bip bop bip!

Much better... So... Duck it! I'm against throwing up in sinks. Slipping into nonsense like a hot licorice bubble bath. I was weaned on invincible thumb print monster drawings.

Elect the mustache...and the good times will be had by all! Cracklin' green good times!


---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool on the Bitterest Pill)


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Hahah, maybe the experience with grandkid will give you some inspiration 😎🍻

I like your art when you don't sleep, maybe do that more often!

Ha! Might be a smart business move!