"Does Not Compute" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

in #digitalartlast month

[Digital drawing, composed and animated all with my phone. Silly.]

Little bit of a caffeine withdrawl headache. Why not? Mariah turned the HEATER on this evening for the first time this season. Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'...

Started the day off feeling a bit low. Struggled to motivate myself, find a focus, and not just sleep all day on the couch. Eventually, I convinced myself to redo my "Sleep" playlist on my iPod. (I'm psychotic, and I imagine that I hear things at night, so I always have noise going, either a music playlist or a t.v. show or something so that I don't IMAGINE that I'm hearing voices or other unexplainable things... Audio matrixing is rough on folks with vivid imaginations!)

Once I started messing with my music, I quickly transitioned into DJ mode, and decided to record a new pirate radio podcast! I think it turned out pretty good! I really should do more of those. They're fun to make AND listening to music makes me feel good...plus, at least TWO people actually enjoy listening to my musical choices, so that's neat, as well! (Look for my post on Punktronic Ep. 009, if I haven't provided a link to it yet by the time you read this!!!)

Let's see.... Oh yeah! Poetry! A brand new Low-ku, for those folks who find those funny...

We all looked at Rod
Who hadn't any clothes on
And we wondered, "Why?"

A little streak of poetry there for you... (Sorry.)

Ummm... Anything else for tonight??? Need to do a new freewrite soon, and tokenize some new artwork on NFT Showroom, and add a couple of photos to my lone image on Lensy.io, and...other stuff. Maybe I need to write a new Anti-Horribleness Manifesto, so as to help folks (including me) remember what is important and to help (mentally) keep fighting the good fight... I work tomorrow, too, so I probably won't finish ALL of these things, but it's better to try for a lot and finish SOME than it is to just sleep on the couch all day and not do ANYTHING positive, at all! I'm going to TRY to push myself to find some motivation and...


---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)