Photography with the digital art version by @xpilar

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Source @xpilar

The picture that I show above is an original digital art work from @xpilar.

On this occasion, @xpilar made digital art with a different version than usual because the work he displayed this time was very clear from the natural beauty. And of course the digital art picture he posted this time is very good because for me a digital art work is very difficult to make if we can't make it yet.

Beautiful natural scenery is increasingly visible if it is made in the form of digital art such as that made by @xpilar, the beauty of the natural scenery is indeed no doubt because the natural beauty is clearly visible especially if it is made in the form of digital art.

The essence of the image is a natural landscape created in the form of digital art so that the picture is getting better. Not just anyone can make digital art images from natural landscapes like @xpilar made because I'm sure that the difficulty level is definitely more severe when compared to normal digital art images.


Source @xpilar

Big thanks to : @xpilar


Hi @muhammad-wali

thanks for good review of my digital art

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