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RE: 6 Diesel Pools already going! No GAS required!

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I will repeat my self .... there needs to be fees for swaping .... that is the basic incetive .... the other is just on top of it ... you can leave up to pool creators to choose what or if there will be fees

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Allowing the creator of the pool to choose is a very good option! Would love to see that as an option then see how it works for those pools.

While I'd be more likely to use pools without fees as a user... I would be more likely to use a pool that has higher liquidity snd add liquidity to a pool with a better incentive. If a pool has a better way to give liquidity then all the better... but if not then perhaps a fee as an option is better than nothing.

So these are trading pools with no transaction fees. So there is risk of impermanent loss or a hack with no reward?

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