Let's paint it red ... err ... Green!


By ulleo on pixabay.com

I've never painted a wall before in my life. It just never came to it!

When we moved homes when I was younger (so many times), my parents had always been the ones painting, because I was too tiny and useless. Also somewhat artistically challenged, I suppose.

When I moved out, my apartment was white and I knew that I'd have to re-paint it if I changed that. You can probably guess that I did not want to do that.

In the second apartment, I lived for four years with @reggaemuffin before we moved. Technically, we would have needed to paint that but made a deal with the next tenants. They get our kitchen and some furniture, we don't have to paint.

In summary, painting walls was new for both of us, and we briefly considered hiring someone. We didn't, this post would be a bit useless otherwise.

With two rooms to paint, we decided to start with the smaller one to practice.


As you can see, the wall already has a wonderful blue colour. Generally not bad, as one of our rooms is supposed to be blue. Not this one though. This one should be green.

The helpful lady at the paint shop had handed us a 10l bucket of white paint, which we stupidly carried all the way come (almost 20 minutes walk).

It took us about 1.5 hours to turn the room from blue to ... well, not really white. More of a very very light blue, I suppose.

I know, I know, it's not the same angle. Sue me.

2 hours waiting while airing out the room and hoping for the best.

We weren't sure if the white coat would be sufficient. Worst case, we'd have to apply the green more than twice.

The first layer of green ended up looking ... spotty.


The paint was already in the process of running out and knowing we'd need more for a second layer, we tried to conserve it.

Turns out it was pointless, as we used up more than half of our 3l bucket, so while the paint dried for another 2 hours, @reggaemuffin went out to get one more litre of it.

Did I mention I like living so close to everything? It's grand.

The second coat of paint evened everything out.


I know it looks like there are still lighter and darker spots, but the paint isn't dry yet in this picture. I expect it to be mostly uniform once everything is dry.

I really wish I was at least somewhat artistically gifted, I'd love to paint something awesome on these walls.

But alas, I can write, but not draw, and my room now has a wonderful green.

I'm not looking forward to the blue room, which is almost twice the size. I doubt we will finish that in a mere 8 hours.


Doesn't it feel wonderful when you know you have made something that beautiful all by yourself?


I finally know how you must have felt when your child was born!