Master Guide For Abusing Blacklist Accounts.

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The #1 way to abuse your blacklist account is by silencing descent.

This is a very efficient way to abuse your blacklist account. If someone calls you out on something sketchy you are doing: Simply blacklist them. That way you can do whatever you want and still feel like a good person. It's an endless cycle of self affirmation.

Use your blacklist account to self vote.

Blacklist accounts will naturally have a large rep and hive power. Why not use some of that sweet voting power for yourself!

Beg for delegations.

Why not add to your revenue stream cough i mean your essential community project. Blacklists help everyone including new users! You DESERVE infinite Hive power to flag people.

Swear that you are going to defeat plagiarism and spam!

Forget the fact that 90% of what you flag is original content: One day you will flag some spam ... you swear by it! Anyways the non-spam you flag is TOXIC CONTENT!

Blacklist people you don't like.

Why defeat spam manually... Everyone knows bots are better! Botting downvotes isn't an excuse to silence people ... It's the only efficient way to flag people you don't like while doing the least work possible!

Come up with some sort of daily or weekly report.

Nothing says running a blacklist like setting up a spammy weekly or daily post you can upvote for 20 hive or more and do literally no work.

Act like you are a hard worker because you programmed some downvote trail a highschooler could program.

Nothing says hard worker like programming a downvote trail. You deserve to beg for help constantly. Ask people for hive power delegations as often as possible. Enter into every fucking hive discord ever. Ask for help down-voting your enemies.

For extra credit: Use tools that already exist and still act like you are a programmer and developer.

Consolidate your blacklist with other blacklists.

Nothing says decentralization like combining blacklists and making master blacklists. Make sure you contact other blacklists as often as possible. Have other blacklists attack your enemies and even people you slightly dislike. Ignore if they are actual spammers. Make sure to snitch often to any master blacklists.

Make sure your blacklist never operates independently of other blacklists. If blacklists aren't centralized people could act as checks and balances to your bullying. Avoid that mentality. You want to be able to ruin any account you want to right?



This is literally my new favorite meme.

These blacklists are a bunch of shit. The people who ran a vote selling bot just changed it over to having a blacklist bot instead. The bot shit is cowardly but people are lazy and like to bully others.

Bot account abuse was really similar thats a good point. They upvoted themselves with those accounts too and flagged people. AND like you said its some of the same people literally.

What if we blacklisted the blacklisters? 🤔


Hello. My name is @mmmmkkkk311. I wear a soft shell helmet for safety. Just like a baby turtle.

I am a compulsive liar who claims to flag SBI rewards off of payouts; but really flag anyone I dont like for random amounts even if they have no SBI or are manually curated.

I rent hive power to flag people because I am so retarded that I spend my own fiat to flag people.


Here is my drool pan. It's in the shape of a heart because I love my own drool.