Steemit Condenser Contributions: Creating and loading template from the post editor

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I regularly create witnesses reports or Condenser contributions report manually (because I want to review the content before posting). To help simplify the task I have created my own Chrome extension that can save/load markdown templates and inject them into the post editor of Steemit.

Recently @smooth suggested that the condenser should allow us to set a default value for the post payout type (declined, 50/50 or 100% SP). While I believe it's a good idea, I preferred to actually be able to save those in a template like what SteemPeak is doing. This would allow you to set your preferred payout type and beneficiaries for different type of posts.

The work done

First, when you click on the "Advanced settings" from the post editor, it will show the Post templates section where you will be able to save a new template. Simply choose your payout and beneficiaries, give the template a name and click on "Save". This will save the post details (title, body and tags) and the advanced settings.

No template available

Once at least one template is saved, you will be able to choose it from a drop down menu when you go back into the advanced settings. Clicking on "Save" will then apply it to the current form (this will overwrite any existing title, body and tags).

Choosing an existing template

Steemit Condenser Pull Request

This feature is not out yet, a pull request has been created:

Once approved and merged, it will be available in a future release by Steemit Inc.

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Hey @quochuy. Really excited to see that you built this out for condenser. Thanks for taking on the initiative.

We tried to merge your PR into the site and are having trouble getting saved templates to appear as an option to load a new post.

Any ideas?


Open the browser inspector, what variables to you see in the localstorage for your domain?

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My limited technical skills might show here, but I don't see anything there for local storage.


First, you need to merge my other PR for 3speak that fixes few bugs:

As for the templates, it seems like there are some issues after your merge. My code cannot see the tags anymore.

Do you have a git repo for your site?
The issues seems to come from the file:

  name: nextProps.postTemplateName.replace('create_', ''),
  markdown: body.value,
  title: title.value,
  tags: tags.value,

tags.value does not exist

have access to a computer now so will check on your site directly

You need to expand that "Local Storage" by clicking on the arrow on its left, then click on your domain name (should be first)

lol sometimes I miss the most obvious things


I just pushed a new commit, can you try merge it back to your code?

Awesome! Looks like that commit change made it work. Thanks for all your help with this and for creating it in the first place. This is a great feature. Anything we can do to help support you more?


Only partially. You might not be able to save the tags into the template. It seems your version of the condenser is a bit different.

Don’t forget to also merge my 3Speak fixes.

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Gotcha. I'll have my dev take a look at it as well to see if there is anything we can do to fix that.

I brought in some of the 3speak fixes. The embed player seems to be working. I'll have to wait for him to take a look at those as well to confirm/fix any errors I made.

Thanks again :)

Great work! Just voted for you as the steem witness.

Thanks heaps

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Hey @quochuy, am a starter into the Python world and currently coming across this post and getting amazed by the developments you pitching.

I'd be happy getting a way to you for some tips on building a simple frontend for steem as part of my projects(bootcamp). Please do let me know how to contact you. Thanks.

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Python. If you want to connect to the chain with Python, try Beem by @holger80. You can also find me

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I do appreciate your kind infor, checking on.

#steemdev used to be a popular tag for such post.

Will add it, thanks for the reminder

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Will vote for you as steem witness

Thank you 🙏

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Thank you 🙂👍

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Nice work

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