Bass Bumpers - Deutsches Projekt in da Mix

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Dance with a German project

One of my favourite Dance songs of the 1990ies was the following song by Bass Bumpers - i just found they still play and exist. Bass Bumpers is a project started in 1988 by Henning Reith and Caba Kroll. Initially only working as producers for Sydney Fresh and Twenty 4 Seven, the project released their first single under their own name in 1990: Can't Stop Dancing. Two years they had their breakthrough with The Music's Got Me - this one is a dancefloor killer and subject of this post for Dance Weekend with different versions - which one do you like the most?

Deutsche Beats, war mir neu

Der Song in einigen Version hier war ein Knaller in den 90ern - aber bis eben wusste ich nicht, dass es ein deutsches Projekt war, welche Version findet ihr am Besten?

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