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I am happy that so many of you joined me in keeping Steem weird and participated in the deranged snowman contest! 22 entries is honestly a lot for a contest on Steem these days. It was tough to pick winners. I narrowed it down to a list of top contenders and @derangedvisions was good enough to help out as guest judge; with our powers combined we have arrived at a verdict.


Image credit the lovely @juliakponsford

And the winner of the Deranged Snowman contest is @juliakponsford with her awesome sculpey clay snowdemon musicbox!

This is a great post, check it out if you haven't already. The process is nicely illustrated, there is GIF action and the addition of creepy ass music box and video to share the sound is really what pushed this over the top. This is one deranged snowman. If you listen to the song played backwards, it will melt your mind and the demon will replace your consciousness to begin preying on your unsuspecting friends. True story :)

I sent Julia 125 Steem + 2000 staked CCC for 1st place

Second Place

This was a very tough call for me personally, I really love @qwerrie's imprisoned snow octopus! This one had that element of the surreal that I enjoy quite a lot. Bonus points for actually being made of snow, and also awesome for making it a family activity with his daughter.

I sent 60 Steem + 1000 staked CCC 2nd place prize

Image credit @qwerrie

Third Place

@wwwiebe actually had two very solid entries, with a chimerical skeleton snowman as well. But this Lego Star Wars stop-motion animation snowman scene had me at Lego. And at Star Wars. And at stop-motion LOL. Seriously this hit a lot of sweet spots for me. Also awesome for making it a family activity - this is a trend in this competition as we will see! Please go watch the video.

Image credit @wwwiebe

Deranged Mentions

These next three were also in my list of finalists and I really like them all! I have decided to increase the prize pool and make a whole new class of prize recipients. A round of applause for your deranged mentions. I sent 15 Steem + 250 staked CCC to each.

Honorable Mentions

The below include some more really great entries! This was a tough contest to judge and I am stoked we got so many fun and creative posts out of it. Great job to all the honorable mentions! I used the author payout from the previous contest update post plus some more from my wallet to add an extra four honorable mention prizes, so in total we have 9 honorable mentions with 10 Steem sent to all: @firefly2020, @tormenta, @wiseagent, @mineopoly, @cetb2008, @opidia, @thesobuz, @janaveda, @mariela53

Bonus Prizes for sharing on external social media

10 Steem prizes for the first five entrants to share their post on external social media with hashtags #derangedsnowman and #steemblockchain. I believe we actually only had four entrants take me up on this. If you did share your contest post to external social media while the contest was going on and you do not appear on this list, please let me know in the comments.

10 Steem Bonus Prizes sent to to: @yahialababidi, @wiseagent, @cetb2008 & @firefly2020

Chronological list of all contest entries























I believe I have sent out all the prizes listed above, but if you are listed in the post above as a prize winner just let me know in the comments if you did not receive anything.

post cover image images credit the respective contest entrants


Congratulations, to all the winners :)

I'm grateful for the honorable mention, dear Carl, and the inspiration!

Thanks, to you, I featured the poem I wrote for this entry (mentioning Steemit) in an article and am, now, including it in my new book :)



Cheers, Yahia

that is awesome Yahia, I am very happy to have produced an inspirational spark - and glad the flame lives on and will be published! That is really cool

Keep up the good work, Carl; a pleasure to play, seriously, with you 🙏🏼

a huge thank you for doing this contest. it was a solid creative impulse, that is!

the contest results came in here the morning, when we were drinking a spiced !COFFEEA with lavanda, fennel and cardamon I prepared myself in the jezwa -- they went together so well! let me share a cup with you, too.

Thanks for the cup, and your awesome snow octopus! I

woohoo thanks so much Carl!

no thank you! That was such a fun entry. In a deranged sort of way :)

22 entries is fantastic! Congratulations to @juliakponsford and @qwerrie! Great entries! Thanks so much for organising. Hopefully you'll have something for Valentine's Day!


Hmmm valentine's day isn't normally my cup of tea but maybe I can massacre something up :)

What a Contest! What a Lineup! High Fives all round to everyone who got involved. Im super proud to have made the Deranged Mentions list. Now I feel Ive been given the green light to go out in to the world and step up my derangement game to the max!!! Thanks @carlgnash! I'll never forget you!!

ah sweet basil, holy basil. I used to have a rabbit that was addicted to basil. Seriously it was like bunny crack for him :)

wierd!? That stuffs pretty peppery straight from the leaf...

Thanks so much @carlgnash for my steem prize. It was a fun contest to be a part of. So many creative entries. Congrats to all!!

I was really happy to hear that the extended family all got out there and had fun with it. And arrived at great results!

Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you @carlgnash for organizing the contest. It's was a wonderful one

Hey Brother !

Thank you so much for the mention and transfer.
Glad to join the contest by you

coffeea Lucky you @carlgnash here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at steem-engine.com Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Good thank you very much, happy 2020 year

Thank you for the honorable mention and congrats to all winners ☃️

Hello @carlnash,

Thank you very much for the honorable mention of my post and congrats to all winners

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