#DerangedSnowman CONTEST (no snow required!) | 315 Steem + 3500 Creative Coin prize pool!

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Fresh off my steaming hot bowel movement victory in the dudeoir contest hosted by @whatsup, I am playing my prize winnings forward into a brand new contest to amuse, confuse and derange the Steem blockchain.

#DerangedSnowman Contest Rules

  • Create a deranged snowman and make a post about it! (deranged, weird, curious and otherwise unusual snow people accepted as valid entries)
  • The "snowman" does NOT have to be made of snow! (see below)
  • Use the hashtag #derangedsnowman
  • Use the #creativecoin tag to earn extra rewards on your post as some big Creative Coin tribe whales will be curating the entries :) (this is not required to enter the contest, but you would be smart to do so!)
  • Share your post on external social media using hashtags #derangedsnowman and #steemblockchain to win extra Steem!
  • Resteeming the contest post is NOT required to participate, but would be greatly appreciated to get the word out!
  • Contest will run through December with winners announced in January

The "snowman" does NOT have to be made out of snow!

Bonus points / tiebreaker edge given to entries that are honest-to-goodness snow creations, but given that many of you won't have access to snow any creative medium will be accepted. Grab your silly putty, modeling clay, chewed bubble gum, Legos, wet sand, etc., and make a deranged snowman! Grab your guitar and write a song about a deranged snowman! Grab your pencil or pen and make a deranged snowman drawing! Make a short film about a deranged snowman (please please)! You get the (snow) drift!


Current prize pool is 315 liquid Steem and 3500 staked Creative Coin with payout structure as follows:
1st place: 125 Steem + 2000 staked Creative Coin
2nd place: 60 Steem + 1000 staked Creative Coin
3rd place: 30 Steem + 500 staked Creative Coin

5 x 10 Steem honorable mention prizes (these will be folded into the top 3 place prizes if there are not enough entries to claim the honorable mentions)

5 x 10 Steem bonus prizes for the first five entry posts that are shared on external social media using the tags #derangedsnowman and #steemblockchain (these will be folded into the top 3 place prizes if there are not enough entries to claim the bonus prizes)


  • A big thanks to our first contest sponsor @derangedvisions for 1000 Creative Coin toward the prize pool!
  • Shoutout to @galenkp for a 20 Steem contribution toward the prize pool
  • Shoutout to @gibic for a 20 Steem contribution toward the prize pool

A deranged snowman? WTF is that?

Allow me to demonstrate :) We constructed this chilling beauty after our first big snowfall here in Utah over the Thanksgiving holiday :)


We had the vampire teeth laying around since Halloween and @thingone insisted we use them...


The red berries around the mouth are from a vine that grew up around our grape vines this summer. I do not know what plant this is if anyone can enlighten me - the leafs were spade shaped and resembled morning glory.



Once the vampire fangs went in I felt compelled to sculpt the face and cheeks a bit for extra creepy.


Exiting the Echo Chamber

come find me on Facebook or Instagram, same username as here :)

This post and contest shared on my Facebook. I will onboard anyone who is interested in the contest if they don't have a Steem account, just let me know :)


I was going to say you are being weatherist, but then I saw you remembered those of us who have no snow! ;) I don't know if we'll get a chance to enter this, but thought I'd share a picture of our first Christmas in Australia and how we improvised.

Yes I had you upside down people on the other side of the world in mind, I am not one to discriminate :) I love the sandman, this is great - a deranged sandman would be a very welcome entry

Vampire snowman 😱

Yeah I am thinking maybe I should write a dark metal Christmas song about vampire the snowman :)

That would be an amazing Christmas 🎁

It’s nearly 5am, here, and instead of sleeping, I’ve been dreaming with eyes wide open of deranged snowmen...⛄️

Here’s my tragi-comic entry:



Off to share on Twitter...

Awesome entry Yahia! Thanks for sharing on Twitter (

1204126624544894978) you have claimed the first bonus 10 Steem prize for sharing the contest on external social media :) twitter metadata:WWFoaWFMYWJhYmlkaXx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS9ZYWhpYUxhYmFiaWRpL3N0YXR1cy8xMjA0MTI2NjI0NTQ0ODk0OTc4KSB5b3UgaGF2ZSBjbGFpbWVkIHRoZSBmaXJzdCBib251cyAxMCBTdGVlbSBwcml6ZSBmb3Igc2hhcmluZyB0aGUgY29udGVzdCBvbiBleHRlcm5hbCBzb2NpYWwgbWVkaWEgOil8 ~~~

I’m proud of the good work we do, here, on Steemit & Thank You, night-owl-Carl 🦉

I couldnt but resteem this!!! a great post, supercool snowman -- and a very nice contest, I definitely wanna jump on this. tnkyou!!!

as for the red berries: it looks like exactly as the nightshade, except that the nightshade that grows around here has black berries, and you used red ones. so I consider it's probably some other specie of the nightshade.

Your entry is awesome! I can go to bed and rest easier tonight knowing that I played some small part in bringing a snow octopus into the world :)
Pasting link here for reference

Hey don't forget to share your post with hashtags #derangedsnowman and #steemblockchain on external social media to claim a bonus 10 Steem prize - if you share it on Twitter in particular, add the #posh tag to your post (stands for Proof Of SHare) and OCD may give you vote as part of their POSH initiative :) See here for details on that: https://steempeak.com/posh/@acidyo/proof-of-sharing-posh

Where I live there is no snow and even if it did, I'm not very good with things involving handicrafts... Haha!

So, I decided to take part in your contest (which, by the way, is pretty cool) by writing a text with an analogy that I think is interesting. I hope the post complies with the rules, @carlgnash.

Post (Mr. Nobody): https://steemit.com/derangedsnowman/@wiseagent/mr-nobody

This is a great entry, and fully complies with the rules such as they are :)

This is great, I am really happy you are setting an example for others that anyone can enter this contest, NO SNOW REQUIRED :) I love your vampire snowman. Sharing a link to your post for others to reference


t's cool that you liked it

It is outstanding that you are using your contest winnings for the DUDEOIR Contest to sponsor another contest! Good on you sir!

Looks to be a really neat contest. Here is some !SHADE 5 and !DERANGED as tokens of my appreciation for your largesse. I look forward with anticipation to see the entries!

Don't know that I will participate as we don't have any snow yet here in South Central Pennsylvania.

Thanks sir! Allow me to point out that there is no snow required - any and all creative media are allowed, grab the silly putty, playdough, chewing gum etc and make a weird snowman, make a snowman drawing, snowman song, what have you. The main thing is the creativity - I am looking for a weird and/or deranged snowman :)

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This seems fun and I have access to snow :p

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Oh I hope you do this - I bet you would make an awesome deranged snowman! Plus playing in the snow is fun :)

So I woke up this morning and it's pouring rain and all the snow is melting, depending on what happens this week I may need to think outside the box a bit lol!

I have faith in you :) Outside the box is your middle name right?

I just doublechecked and I see it's running all through December so I may be able to use snow afterall, might be fun to something a little weird though considering it is supposed to be deranged :p Maybe I'll aim for two entries!

Well done on your victorious dudeior efforts...I would love to enter but...No snow here! Yesterday was 38°C (100F) and the only snow we have is actually ice cream straight out of the freezer...Too precious to waste making snowmen.

I'll throw in some steem for your prize pool though. Will send to you shortly.

Hey thanks for steem for prize pool, will note on the next contest update post. Ahem... I do have to point out... there is no snow required to participate :) Allow me to quote

The "snowman" does NOT have to be made out of snow!  [...] Grab your silly putty, modeling clay, chewed bubble gum, Legos, wet sand, etc., and make a deranged snowman! Grab your guitar and write a song about a deranged snowman! Grab your pencil or pen and make a deranged snowman drawing! Make a short film about a deranged snowman (please please)! 


Yeah, I must have missed that...I might get my white painters overalls on and be the deranged snow man...😉 If the coat fits and all...Right? ☃️

Hah! Yes! be the deranged snow man... zen and the art of Steem, erm I mean super fast motorcycles

:) It could work...

Oh, this looks fun! I'll make an entry tomorrow.

I hope you do enter that would be awesome :) Are you in Canada or am I making that up?

WA State, so not that far!

Ah cool, I grew up in Haines in southeast Alaska - we had to go through either Seattle (if we flew) or Bellingham (if we took the ferry) to visit anywhere in the rest of the US.

I spent a lot of my youth in Juneau. So, we have that in common.

Really? Small world! I have a bunch of relatives in Juneau. My dad grew up in Juneau and still has two brothers who live there, and several of my cousins have families there now as well.

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I really hope there will be an entry of short film about deranged snowman. i'll add few steems for the prize pool. Will send you shortly.

warm regards from tropical Jakarta. (Your snowman's teeth reminds me of my Balinese mask)

That is an awesome mask! I am really hoping that seed I planted will sprout, it would be awesome to see a short film about deranged snowman :joy:

Congrats on your well deserved dudeoir win! Love your incredibly deranged snowman! Great contest!

Thanks @melinda010100 once we created that crazy snow vampire this contest just popped into my head :)

I can't wait to see the entries!

I am looking forward to the entries and will definitely be curating them.


Thanks bro I hope we get some deranged entries :)

deranged You just received DERANGED @carlgnash Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at steem-engine.com

Thats epic Carl! I would be surprised if you didn't win the contest. Nice stop motion as well :D

thanks Ruben :) You have any snow there yet?

You're more than welcome Carl! Nope, no snow here whatsoever :(

I gotta resteem this so that I won't forget by tomorrow...LOL

Thanks for the resteem Amber, I hope you enter!

deranged You just received DERANGED @carlgnash Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at steem-engine.com

Great contest!! We're not cold enough to get that much snow to make a snowman, but I have something else in mind perfect to make a deranged snowman!!

cool I was hoping that by opening it up to any creative interpretation that we would get some fun entries from non-snowy places, so I definitely hope you enter! That would be cool :)

A while ago I made a doll out of corn husk which I thought was rather cute, but I was told it looked like a voodoo doll!! So it seems like I'm half way there already, and with a bit of improvisation, I think I might have a good shot at this 😉

Yes! Voodoo creepy doll sounds like it is fertile ground to plant a deranged snowman seed :)

It seems very interesting to take part in every contest, I hope I can join the next contest

I hope you join this contest ;) Make a strange snowman! Even if you don't have snow, make it out of sand, or draw one, or anything!

Ohhh my! That's the creepiest snowman I have ever seen!!

Thanks! Yeah it was just too good not to share and do something with.

No snow here yet but i will let my imagination run wild,lol.

Yeah no snow required, I would love it if you came up with a creative interpretation of the theme :)

Darn, don't have the time. Busy with personal and legal issues at this time.
Fits my zombie apocalypse and Halloween thing. Done by a friend on IG , I can't take credit for this, but it's cool.

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Hah that is great! Thanks for sharing even if it wasn't yours, this is great inspirational material for anyone thinking of entering the contest :) I hope personal and legal issues end up working out for you. Good luck

Hi @carlgnash,
Cool snowman.

It’s an amazing concept I will definitely try 🖋 to write and make as I am going to a country on Friday to snow ❄️

Cool yeah if you actually have access to snow that definitely gives you a leg up in this competition, and gives you an excuse to have some fun and play with the snow! I hope you enter :) cheers

WoW....that is really cool great job 👀

Thanks @hangin we had a lot of fun making the snow vampire with my weird little family :)

"Weird little family" .... It sound like yous had fun doing it unfortunately no snow in Thailand maybe have to use beach sand...lol 🤣

Congratulations @carlgnash!
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W00T I am almost becoming a regular in the comments / engagement category :) That is a great category to be appearing in the hit parade!

I know that feeling. Well done @carlgnash


Now thats a derranged looking snowman lol! great job and good luck!! I might enter! upped 💯 and resteemed 👍👍👍⛄⛄⛄

Cool yes please do enter, the more the merrier (or the more deranged?) :)

Dios mío que muñeco tan endiablado ja,ja,ja

you may have defeated me in the dudeoir contest Carl, and that may damn well be a super deranged snowman you've made there.....but my ambition is outrageous! I will claim SUPREME VICTORY!!! scurries around in a puddle looking for snowflakes

You probably noticed, but there is no snow required. Draw a drawring, make a short film, sing a song, dance a dance about a deranged snowman :) If all else fails, get dressed up in @sazzler's unmentionables again because hey why not :)

haha. 'That-S-no-man I see before me....'

Voici mes bonhommes de neige, ils ne sont pas terrifiants mais ils sont tendres.


The crazy .GIF really sells it. This is something different.
Grats on winning Dudeoir.

Thanks dude. I love that GIF it is creepy AF