Is It Time For The Younger Nations?

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Hey JessEconimsits

Trying to manage a world of 8 billion + people is an impossible task, we can see this, trying to plan and control what people do centrally is always going to end up being a failed exercise. Each year more people feel like they are getting left behind and slipping into hardship and poverty.

Millennials like myself might be prissy little princesses that think we're special, we are also seen as softer because we had no "Great War" or "Great Depression" or some civil rights movement like previous generations, but why should that define a generation. The fact that previous generations had to go through that shows how stupid your generation was that you wasted so much time and energy fighting wars or driving segregation.

While we still deal with the after-effects of it, as we're raised and influenced by those previous generations, and they still hold power, we see the previous system come apart at the seams. The fact is boomers don't have the answer and generation X are ageing too and don't have the will power to make a change.

Millenials need to come of age

It's up to the lazy millennial generation and generation Z who are still figuring out TikTok actually to change things. This sounds like a scary idea for the older crowd, but I am sure the GI generation thought boomers were complete cry babies and retards too.

This is the first year that the millennial generation is now bigger than the boomer generation, and while we might not have the same share of the wealth what we do have is time. Time is on our side; we have the next 30 - 40 years to change the way we do things.


The fact is Europe, China and even the US and Canada are ageing populations, yes there are millennials in every country. Still, the vast majority are coming from the South East Asia, Africa, Latin America. This is the new labour force, will they remain in their countries or move to take up the jobs needed in the developed world remains to be seen, but the fact is that's where labour resources are found.

Countries like Japan, which live relatively long lives have moved towards automation, and while this will help it won't solve all problems and affordable labour is still going to be needed.

I think that with the growing access and speed of the internet, the ability to instantly transfer money online with any device and the growing need to find the cheapest deals to make your money go further is a trend that benefits younger nations.

Young people are agile; they are willing to change jobs, work for less money, they are willing to learn, and these are all traits the world needs right now.

The nation of the internet

Countries are going to treat into their shells and try to protect their own, but not at the cost of too much productively, so they need to strike a balance. What I think has to happen is special programs in ageing countries need to ramp up, bring in younger people, train them up, tap into their potential productivity.

I think younger nations would have to accept they need to export their talent as well as focus on training certain skill sets to make their talent more marketable.

The world is in desperate need of fresh ideas and new vigour, and we're not going to get it from people like Joe Biden.

I think with more of us turning to the internet for work and socialising it also creates a new country; we have our own currency our own language and our own set of rules.

Perhaps even moving away from the nation-state in future and moving towards turning these online communities into real communities and bridging the gap.

Who knows? Millennials and Gen Z's think; differently, the path has not been defined, so I say question everything. If it doesn't work for us, get rid of it, perhaps this all happened in 2020 to give us a fresh start.

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Yeah I agree for the most part. I see these points locally in various companies I've worked at where there are still a few of the "old guard", doing things their own way and someone coming in with fresh ideas gets suppressed to oblivion.

Whether it's an age thing, not 100% sure on that, I'd say it's more of a mindset thing. Yes, the longer you have been doing something, the more set in your ways you're likely to be but if you keep an open mind about the way you go about things and stay somewhat flexible to changes in the world around you, then that's independent of age. I know people in their 90s who know more about Bitcoin for example, than people my age and younger (millenials/Gen Z).

As with everything, it's striking a balance between using that experience of what works well from previous generations as the core process and then giving it a flexible coat with new ideas from younger people who've not been laden with the baggage. This is my experience from a "business" point of view rather than global and political but there's got to be some cross over with that, probably more prudent now that millenials and Gen Z are accounting for over half the work force now.

I'm not saying all old heads are bad we can debate that up and down with examples, but I like to look at the results of what we are doing as a society and to be honest its pretty shit.

I didn't like they way they did things at companies, so I started my own, that's how it should be, now if I'm good enough I eat their lunch, if not I go back and grovel for a job.

Experience and innovation will always clash, and like you say we need that balance, young people have their heads in the clouds as we should, we're ambitious and old people have the experience and capital, its about finding ways to overlap that, although some old heads are seriously not worth reasoning with

Oh yeah, it's really shit, not gonna deny that!

Yeah and by the sounds of it, you're making good inroads with that. I'm pretty sure if the worst comes to the worst you can always get a job seeing as you have given yourself a massive boost in experience and skills, hopefully in BTC and other income too!

Definitely agree with that. I've met some right head spinners that just can't see the light of day even when you present the evidence to them. We may have our head in the clouds but some have their head up something else!

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I think a people that don't understand the wisdom of age, are destined to crash catastrophically, and painfully.

The same paradigm of looking to the older generations for wisdom and guidance has serve civilizations well, for over 5,000 years.
(A young person that knows everything wouldn't see it that way of course).
....I thought I knew a lot more about everything, when I 33 , than what I do now, at 53.
The hubris of the young is their weakness, just as their energy is their strength.

I don’t think the wisdom of age is a given you can spend years doing the same thing and getting nowhere time isn’t a measure of progress! There’s a slight correlation yes but that’s about it

I think older generations get crystallized in their thoughts and can’t see new avenues! Also just as the previous generations were afforded the opportunity to make their decisions and mistakes so should the next

If following the older generations teachings is not of the new generations volition then what’s the point of having new generations? Just to repeat the process?

....'following' and 'listening' are two very different things.

If you don't know the vast difference (between those two things), then perhaps you're too young to be making life changing decisions?

If people don't want to follow or listen, leave them alone, why force them into your way of thinking? Speaks more to the insecurities of yourself then don't see the irony of your comment?
(it goes to illustrates perfectly my points... and yours).

Automation is going to change the things in big way and it will be remembered in future in the same way as we remember Industrial Revolution today.

Just wondering, Will next Colonization will happen on Internet?

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I have no idea on how we handle the effects of automation unless its with something like Bitcoin, if we still using fiat money with full automation of a lot of industries it will lead to societal breakdown and war for sure, the level of abundance it can bring is insane and if not shared with the world we will just see more jeff bezos level billionaires and trillionaires

I think the internet will have to break into tribes, the same way we do offline, people will find the location they feel welcome on and contribute to that tribes success, that's just how we're wired or so I assume

I think it depends on how developed they already are. There's a historic correlation between huge numbers of young men, high levels of unemployment and conflict!

So if there's jobs, maybe, if not, possibly the opposite.

Having said that I'm sure there'll be a lot of young people in developing countries doing very well over the next two to three decades - the elderly will require them to pay their pensions - so the system will probably adapt to keep enough of them in jobs for that.

I'm glad I'm not young, it's funny, people used to think the opposite!

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Absolutely, but we can always point to certain anecdotes to prove our point and that's the fun part of debating and analysing situations. I agree with you that high levels of unemployment leads to conflict, we can see that now with the amount of domestic violence and crime rates now spiking across the world.

People just want a way to earn a living and put their productive capacity to work, if you let them, who knows what they'll unleash.

The longer we keep young people out of the work force, they less there is to pay in for the elderly and they suffer too, we're all so interconnected even if we don't realise it, nations, people, jobs its now all crossing over one another in some way shape or form.

As a young business owner, I do find it tough but I am grateful for what I've been able to do thus far and Ill keep pushing my luck as long as I can

Actually that wasn't an anecodote, it was based on findings from A comprehensive study of civil war carried out by a team from the World Bank in the early 2000s (I did say 'historic!')

It examined 78 five-year increments when civil war occurred from 1960 to 1999, as well as 1167 five-year increments of "no civil war" for comparison and IDd five main factors that correlated with a civil war breaking out, one of which was high levels of uneducated men in a country!

It wasn't the only factor, but it was probably the one that a country has the most control over.

Mind you things have changed 20 years on, it's so much easier to create your own opportunities now, or so it seams.

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Actually young people have the advantage of the big Internet now if they know how to use it wisely

By far the best tool ever created to learn from, only thing we need to teach is how to research and learn using the internet, I think the internet is only concerned with getting bigger not concerned with whats right or wrong or biased. So its up to the individual to be able to review content and extract value and not believe everything verbatim like we did at school

Exactly! Selection is very important

Makes me miss Cambodia. The country has such a young population, an unfortunate product of the genocide, but it feels like anything is possible there, a booming economy, a hungry and motivated young generation, but a humble generation that has also seen their share of suffering.

Luckily in the most recent US election we didn't end up with another old out-of-touch rich white guy. That was a close call! !BEER !tan

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