Finally I have arrived to cancel my Delegation

in #delegationlast month

Today I have entered again my account on PEAKD, I remember I have entered some time ago. But I didn't explore too much the account. Now I see I can visualise all account on hive. And here I could finally cancelled my Delegation. I just left a little amount for now on Delegation.
Screen Shot 20201027 at 9.07.21 PM.png

I don't know why I have never arrived to get open when I clicked on Revoke my Delegations. Anyway, now I would be able to update my down powering in order to use some HIVE either in trading at Engine (which is not opening by the way) either changing to BTC.

I am actually feeling more friendly use my account in PEAKD. I will see how this works and maybe I continue writing from here.

My only concern to go and use another channel or account is like the Social Media... I don't want to have to go and expend more time exploring one more account. But If I can monitor all accounts from here maybe it is practical to use PEAKD.

Let see how I feel!

Happy blogging!


Actually, blogging on PEAKD doesn't allow to share my post on LEO 😂

Actually I realise blogging on PEAKD doesn't allow to share my post on Leofinance 😂