So the DAI Savings Rate went down...

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DAO holders voted to reduce the DSR (DAI Savings Rate) down to 7.5%, which means there should be an overall reduction of interest, right?


While compound went down with it to 7.58%, Fulcrum's demand grew to 9.99% in the meantime.

If you have you DAI chilling at you'd be surprised, like me, this morning to find your DAI growing a lot faster.


Idle.Finance automatically moves the pool to the best rate between compound and Fulcrum!



For a normie like me this is very good, I don't have to manually manage my DAI... :)

Do you save DAI? If so, where?

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great article

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hey thanks :)

Hi @ash, are you using Maker Dao for staking DAI?

Hey, no I use to stake... I you mean mint (create DAI for eth) nope, that's not my kind of risk. If you need DAI just buy it for eth :)

Thanks for reply

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