pBTC now on P2P margin exchange DMEX

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Source: https://twitter.com/pTokens_io/status/1242790087798198274

pBTC, a new Bitcoin IOU on Ethereum, is now listed on DMEX.

DMEX is a decentralized margin exchange based on Ethereum contracts.

This is kinda cool, because by pegging Bitcoin to an Ethereum IOU (also available EOS soon), you are able to use local DeFi products with ease.

I'm looking forward to it!

How to get pBTC

  • Go to ptokens.io and lock your Bitcoin up
  • Go to DMEX directly and send Bitcoin in exchange for pBTC
  • Go to KyberSwap and buy pBTC

Nice to know

You can use Incognito Chain to anonymously move your pBTC - Monero like - around.