How to get the best of DeFi

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DeFi is coming in hot, so here's how to make the best of it.

9.52% APR at the moment to be precise

Of course this is decentralized and non-custodial!

Buy ETH you need it.

This is the only time you have to go custodial, unless you have an ATM or P2P trader near you.


This works with MetaMask or Wallet Connect (Mobile apps such as Trust Wallet)

Start the Engine

IdleDAI is automatically moving to the most paying, decentralized, and battle tested protocols. At this point it's moving between compound and Fulcrum.

The best thing: You can watch your money grow, and everything is automatic.

IdleFinance's smartcontract has been audited too!

Happy earnings!

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Nicely explained :)
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