Tempered Steel

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"The more you temper a sword, the stronger it becomes." Arnold Schwarzenegger compares the tempering of a sword to the American Democracy, and says that recent events at the Capitol have only served as yet another tempering, another test and another hardening of the steel of that democracy.

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Let's hope he is right. I really don't have much to say today, dear readers; it's been a hell of a week and a long working Sunday for me as well as my wife. But when I saw this little seven and a half minute speech by one of my favorite action movie heroes of the 1980s and 1990s, I was struck with three thoughts. First I was pleasantly surprised with the intelligence and wisdom contained in the words he spoke; if you're not particularly familiar with good old Arnold in his political life, like me, you know him only from the movies in which he has become famous for "one-liners", some of which have become part of American and even international speech. Who hasn't heard the T800 say "I'll be back" in the Terminator movies? The second thought was: "oh boy, he still hasn't lost his accent after more than 50 years in America!" That's neither positive or negative, to be clear, it was just something that stood out. Many immigrants never lose their accent in whatever country they emigrate to. Some of the most disingenuous criticism's by the liberal mainstream media has been aimed at Trump's wife, Melania Trump, where fun was made about her accent; having an accent says nothing about a person's intelligence.

Still, my final thought was related to Schwarzenegger's immigrant-status; it occurred to me how striking it is that an address so typically American and so patriotic is being delivered by one of America's most famous immigrants. And that he's so much better at it than the nation's current president. Opinions will differ, I know, but if I were an American I think that I would wish that it would have been my president who shared such words of caution, hope, healing and reconciliation. It's too bad that Arnold isn't a Republican governor anymore; that party needs more individuals like him... Oh, and don't be fooled by people who try to invoke "Godwin's Law"; the comparison made to Germany before the Second World War is completely justified. Please enjoy this little speech.

Governor Schwarzenegger's Message Following this Week's Attack on the Capitol

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