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Friday August 9th 2019

Unsealing of 2000 pages of court documents relating to the Epstein case containing witness depositions and the names of powerful individuals identified as being involved with Epstein's underage sex trafficking ring and sexual assaults. Further details about the incidents involving minors were also made public.

  • George Mitchell (Former US Senator & Special Envoy to the Middle East)
  • Bill Richardson (Former Governor)
  • Marvin Minsk (Scientist)
  • Jean Luc Brunel (Karin Models)
  • Prince Andrew (Royal Family)

Saturday August 10th 2019

Jeffrey Epstein is found dead in his prison cell, reportedly a "suicide".

Sometime between August 7th-10th

Anonymous Release of Epstein's Unredacted Black Book

Author's Note:

As part of the ongoing #deepdives investigation into the Epstein case I had already been re-examining a number of individual's in the Redacted Version of Epstein's Black Book that was released by Gawker in 2015.

Redacted Black Book

News of the Unredacted Version of the Black Book took many by surprise and will surely lead to increased scrutiny of its contents.

After reviewing the contents of the Unredacted Black Book, I can say that there's some very interesting leads contained in this release and I will be incorporating some of this information into research already in progress.

Final pages 93-95

The final four pages of the Black book contain handwritten notes, presumably written by Epstein's former houseman and Butler, Alfredo Rodriguez. His notes point to several prominent individuals close to Epstein that are either participated in Epstein's crimes and necessitate further investigation or are those that have witness Epstein's crimes.

The screenshots below are from the Unredacted version, however I have blocked the phone numbers and email addresses so as not to be accused of doxxing anyone.

Final p REDAC.png

Page 95 - Emails and Contact information

  • Jeffrey Epstein
  • Ghislaine Maxwell
In House (Epstein Staff)

  • Tim Newcombe (CITRIX Systems Programmer)
  • Charley Palmer (Chef - Aureole Restaurant) New York City
  • Joe Pagano (Chef) Aspen, Colorado
  • Christophe (French Driver) Palm Beach IMPORTANT WITNESS
    (Jet Aviation)

    Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book35 copy.png

    Annotations of "witness" with arrows pointing to Christophe Gaie, were highlighted in the original redacted version as well. The final line "Jet Aviation", perhaps suggests that Christophe witness certain people boarding and unboarding Epstein's private jets and helicopter.

    Final 95 REDAC description.png

Page #96 - Handwritten Notes

(Author's Transcription)

--> Secret Service Personnel escorting Mr. Barak, Ehud, Former P.M. of Israel on J. Epstein planes.

** --> Jean - Luc Brunel "Scout" for young females - Karin Models (phone #)

--> David Copperfield (Magician) (phone #)

--> Eve Andersson (Dubin) (Former model and mother of naked pic.) (phone #)

--> David Cook Palm Beach (2004-2005) Witness, interacted and chat daily w/ underage girls. -

Ehud Barak

Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak's has already been identified as having a cloes relationship with Epstein. Barak's name appears in the Lolita Express Flight logs and he was photographed entering Epstein's apartment in New York City while trying to disguise his face. Around the same time a number of 'young beauties' were reported to have been coming and going from Epstein's New York townhouse.

Furthermore, Epstein and Barak were in business together as late as 2015 with the technology company Carbyne (formerly: Reporty). Epstein helped bankroll the tech start-up via the Wexner Foundation (Wexner's name is also prominent in Epstein's Black Book) and is described as offering "live audio, video and geolocation transmission for emergency services.". For individuals implicated in a potential sexual blackmail operation this partnership, this is certainly eyebrow raising.

Barak has admitted to visiting Epstein's private Caribbean Island, Little Saint James, but maintains never in the presence of young women and he strongly denied having any knowledge of sex orgies.

times of isr.jpg

Times of Israel

Jean Luc Brunel

Jean Luc Brunel has come under increasing scrutiny surrounding his association with Epstein. In the past week, it was reported that note pads containing highly questionable messages from Jean Luc regarding young women. Jean Luc Brunel's name was also circled in the unredacted version suggesting a deeper involvement with Epstein and perhaps as another procurer of young women. Giving this possibility significantly much more weight is the Butler's note identifying Brunel as a '"Scout" for young females'.


JEan Luc3.jpg

David Copperfield

The multi-millionaire illusionist David Copperfield is also identified as an important individual in relation to Epstein. Although Copperfield's name does not appear in the the previous version of the Black Book, his name is recorded in the flight logs of Epstein's private Gulfstream jet. It is also interesting to note that Copperfield also owns his own private island in the Caribbean called Musha Clay. The group of islands have been transformed into a luxury resort described by some as a 'magical paradise'. To spend a single night on the 50 million dollar Island, it will cost you a cool $57,000 USD. However, Copperfield was also accused of 'imprisoning' and 'repeatedly raping' a young 23-year-old model who came to stay on the Island almost a decade ago. The charges were eventually dropped. That wasn't the first time that Copperfield had been accused of assault. In 1988, he was accused of drugging and assaulting a 17 year old beauty pageant contestant.

DCOP ISL realdeal.jpg

Eva Andersson (Dubin)

Viewing the notations next to Andersson's name we find the disturbing line:

"Former model and mother of naked pic."

It has been reported that Andersson is a former girlfriend of Epstein's as well as a former Miss Sweden, a champion of women's health and a prominent New York socialite. She's married to Glenn Dubin, a wealthy hedge fund titan. They have three kids together and the pair told Epstein's probation officer they they were "100% comfortable" with Epstein around their kids after Epstein had served time and was convicted as a sex offender.

Glenn Dubin's and Andersson's names appear in Epstein's flight logs and Eva's name is also circled in both Black Book versions.


Pages #93-94 - Massage Girls

The Unredacted Version also includes the names of dozens of Massage Girls in the Palm Beach area as well as phone numbers.

Screen Shot 20190814 at 10.15.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 20190814 at 10.15.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 20190814 at 10.16.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 20190814 at 10.16.11 PM.png


There are numerous persons of interest at the moment, probably non more than Ghislaine Maxwell. In addition, there are dozens more people that could help break this case wide-open. Alfredo Rodriguez has made a difficult job much easier by pointing to those that are integral to the investigation. There are a lot of connections to be made still and there are certainly witnesses that still need to come forward. Yet, after seeing that even a billionaire connected to the highest tiers of society cannot be protected in prison, there's good reason for some of these witnesses to be reluctant to come forward.

Reporters will likely race to track them down but there may also be others who are also actively seeking them out to make sure they do not speak. It's a dark thought but it's also likely that we haven't seen the last death connected to the case. God Speed to those that find themselves in this most unenvious position.

More Black Book Related Posts to Come... Happy Digging.

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interesting to read about this. such a shady thing to be involved in. hopefully the victims will see some justice soon.

Everyone involved in the sexual abuse of children should be outed and forced to spend the rest of their lives in prison. No exceptions whatsoever. This should not be a partisan issues.

A revenge based solution involving the completely broken 'judicial' system isn't exactly ideal.

The entire system needs to change if we want people like this to stop ascending to positions of power. Chucking the scapegoats into the meat grinder isn't going to do anything productive.

Your frustration is noted.

It's not a revenge based solution. These people committed very serious crimes and need to be held accountable for breaking the law. It is a matter of enforcing the law rather than allowing people in power or with connections to avoid prosecution. The average person committing these horrific crimes would be severely punished. The people involved in this mess should receive the same treatment as anyone else.

Everything about prison hurts society. It's legalized slavery (under the 13th amendment) and the people that get pushed through that meat grinder come out worse people and make the people around them worse as well.

Do you realize what percentage of these criminals can actually be caught? Torturing the unlucky ones who get thrown under the bus does nothing to fix the problem.

Justice is just us.

I have zero confidence in courts. American jurisprudence is the best money can buy, and that makes it indeed awful. Ask any lawyer.

This is a potentially damning connection regarding Bill Gates.

It's incredibly uncomfortable and also very very important to see all these names coming out. I'm hoping for less 'suicides' and more jail time from now on.

But what keeps confusing me is that no matter what, why would someone took his life

@v4vapid, In my opinion this case is revolving around many versions and what is real and what's not, it's aspect of confusion.

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