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Hyper-inflation will result in the destruction of the dollar, along with other fiat currencies.

Doug Casey –

"Destruction of the Dollar"

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– Flash Points –

1 – Inflation occurs when currency-creation gets out of control.
2 – Real wealth can never be created by simply printing money. 
3 – Productive activity creates wealth. 
4 – Taxation dissipates wealth, but inflation destroys  wealth. 

– Synopsis –

When the amount of currency created exceeds the amount of true wealth created, the result is inflation, says best-selling author Doug Casey.

Create Money or Create Wealth   

It is not productive activity that causes inflation. In fact, production creates wealth. Inflation is caused only by those who control the money supply.    

Or, more precisely, those who “lose control”  of the money supply. As they lose control of the money-printing, and as the money supply starts to skyrocket, that money will inevitably lose its value. 

No Solution

As the people realize that their money – their savings, their income, their assets, their pocket change – is plummeting in value, they will demand that the government take action. But by that time, the only possible solution is … to print more money.   

In such a dire situation, there’s not much anyone can do. One of the only ways that people can preserve wealth is to hold gold.  (Image source)

– Insight from Outside –

Given the absurd amounts of money-printing conducted over the past decades by the Fed, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, and many other central banks, inflation is certain.

And given the insane amounts of debt held by the same banks, it’s clear that they have no way out. Hyper-inflation is also certain.

That inevitable hyper-inflation will result in the destruction of the dollar, and the destruction of most other valueless fiat currencies. 

It’s Happening Now 

Once inflation becomes rampant, there’s nothing the government or anyone else can do. This has happened before, and it’s happening again. And not only in Zimbabwe and Venezuela.   

Just remember this; inflation starts slowly.   (Image source)

Death of the Dollar–1

Everybody Should Abandon US Dollar, says Peter Schiff

The boom is over. The collapse is imminent. The dollar is doomed. 
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Death of the Dollar–2

As Trade War Rages, China Diversifying out of US Dollar

By decoupling from the US economy, China can reduce its dependence on the greenback. 
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Death of the Dollar–3

Russia aims to reduce US$ share, says Celente

The trend is clear. It will spell the end of US dominance and control. 
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Death of the Dollar–4

Will Global De-Dollarization Collapse The Greenback? asks Andrew Moran

The US dollar will become an inconsequential local currency with little value. 
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Death of the Dollar–5

Time To "Leave The Dollar" says Erdogan

These initiatives are part of the government’s overall plan for de-dollarization. 
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Death of the Dollar–6

Fed’s Monopoly to be Challenged by South Carolina. Ya, South Carolina!

The valueless paper money has been used to extract wealth from those of us who use paper money. It’s called counterfeiting. 
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Death of the Dollar–7

BRICS Nations Moving Away from US$, into Shared Crypto

A unified crypto would allow BRICS nations to circumvent US control and obstacles. 
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Death of the Dollar–8

Destruction of the Dollar ~ Doug Casey

Hyper-inflation will result in the destruction of the dollar, and other fiat currencies. 
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I share that the loss of control over the issuance of currency causes inflation, in fact, I am from Venezuela and my country turns out to be a great example of that phenomenon, I think that inflation is already 10 million in% ...

With a production of goods and service in decline, a foreign exchange control that is suicidal and unbridled corruption ... because if you add the unhinged issuance of unsupported currency, it is clear that it is destroyed in value of the national currency.

If the same prescription is applied to the insurance dollar, the result will be very similar, that is, it would be the destruction of that currency.

The scary part it that those who "control" the currency and the economy can NOT control it. That is truly ominous.

Nor can they control it, nor do they want the system to change so that someone else controls or everyone can control their own economy. That can lead to disaster.

To some extent, each dominant caste in the different empires that have existed in history have been somewhat suicidal at the end of their historical periods. They see the world they know collapse in front of their eyes, but they refuse to change anything.

Yep, they must see it, but sometimes it seems as if they cannot believe what they see. They simply continue on the path of destruction.
Don't be a lemming!!

I don't complain about the suicides, I don't even dare to judge their decision to end their lives, but it bothers me a lot if they try to destroy or complicate mine too. Those are my thoughts regarding these crazy people who take the reins and lead our current world to a cliff in which it is impossible to leave in good condition when falling.

Luck, my friend...
@nachomolina Present!


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