Happy Sunday | Winter plans | Changing Vlogging habit

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Hello Steem
Happy Sunday everyone!

In this vlog you can see it’s already winter here. I’m vlogging less and less outdoor nowadays due to the bad weather conditions. Life has been a bit dull, but is soon becoming interesting again, I’ll get travelling again in a month but this time during the trip I’d only post some short update IG videos on dtube (I love instant updates while travelling!) I think it's super cool you can post IG video links directly on dtube! I'll leave the editing after the trip, this month I’m trying to learn some vlogging skill and try to make my blog look better as well!

What’s your winter plan?

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Hold one these next couple of weeks. Soon you will warm up in BBK with so many great people around you. I wish I could join you. Have a nice Sunday, a warm chocolate and a waffle might help😊
Best greetings from Barcelona

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Thanks Ferdinand.
Winter is too dangerous to gain weight with all these waffles and chocolate haha!

Hi, @joythe wanderer

Happy Sunday.
I just finished polishing off some chocolates, so I am feeling a bit guilty, so outside I Ho for some exercise.

I am trying to change from a purely writing and picture posting person to a video blogger. But I don’t like seeing myself on video screen do I may hide behind a title board or beautiful scenery.

I wish you good luck with your vlog!

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