Exciting changes coming up with Reviewhunt

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What a ride, after a bullish run over last week, BTC took a huge dip yesterday and all the other coins seems to have follow suite. Even STEEM dropped by about 16% over the past 24 hours. Hopefully we get another bull run once more which is expected by February after the Chinese New Year.

have you checked out REVIEWHUNT's latest post? Here is the link :-


It seems like they are simplifying things that would make it easier for anyone to create quests or campaigns to promote their services or products. Do checkout the updates and if you have not used it before, do checkout their website for you to be able to understand it better.


Cheers guys and have a brilliant start of the week.

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Thanks so much for your great video about Reviewhunt!

excited for the upcoming change !

@bitrocker2020 Hey such a nice and informative post!!!! Love to go through such posts. Really interesting!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Wish you luck =)
Keep going✌
Good luck for your future articles!!! Keep steeming and one last thing that I would really appreciate and feel good if you go through my content and give your review!!! Thanks 😊 @bitrocker2020

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interesting we hope for a big rise ..

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..ya, well said..guess you’re right with the next bullride..but who knows?!..anyway, up..follow you..resteemed..enjoy..

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