How to build a community in steem ?



I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation !

I'm asking this question after being myself in steem 2 years and 8 months and creating @dcooperation 1 year and 8 months ago. The community was rowing in that time because I interviewed over 100 steemians and we had more delegators and more active members on it. But, now the activity is so low and I don't feel all the energy, time and even money I put in it.

All I need is to support collaborations in steem and I would like to see more steemians collaborate. They can create content together, videos, podcasts etc ... . Also, I was upvoting those who were creating interviews. I may now find those who are promoting steem and support them as well. It's so easy to find steemians in other social media. The main concept was to let steemians collaborate with each other and then collaborate with steemians from outside steem to invite them here.

I already started to share content in LBRY from our community and when I will earn from that, I will convert everything to steem and power it up. Because in @dcooperation we power up everything we earn. The main goal is to support steemians who are helping us in anyway. A lot of our members left steem and some of them left us because of one troll who created a lot of humors about me and the community. They kind of were afraid to be trolled themselves or believed the troll in what she said or maybe just don't care.

In this post I would to ask how to build a community in steem ?

Really what's the best to do ? How to find people ? How to make them do something for the community ?

Should I always ask for doing something, should I pm people ? I don't know, maybe I should pm them in this case ?

I usually create announcements in steem and in discord and twitter. Of course some are participating in our collaborations sometimes. But, there aren't a lot of them. I mean I feel that they are not that excited about the community.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I don't know.

Since there is a community that can give feedback for communities, I will post this in it.

I hope other community leaders tell me what's wrong with me or the community. lol

I really want to be useful.

I don't have any moderators now who can help me. Because I'm so busy in my life. Maybe you can help me to build the community. Or should I change the concept at all. I don't know. Kind of tired.

I hope someone more experienced than me will tell me what should I do ?

This is an example of collaborations we did in case you'r wondering what we did :

For more effect I will ask this question in quora !

Here is the link to the question in quora :


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It's hard. I work really hard for my tribe, and people do help out, but not as much as I really really need, and I'm getting burnt out because of it. I guess people don't see the bigger picture, and how communities need everyone to pitch in, even if it's in little amounts. I'm so grateful for the people who do help, but if I have a breath (gosh, a holiday from Steem might be nice) I worry it'll fall apart! We power up everything and give away lots of steem to support people. we encourage people and work soooo hard to raise funds. It's important you take a breather when you need, but also be consistent. Sometimes I think the big problem with this place is despite what people say, most people equate time with money - and if they're not getting the rewards they think they deserve, they drop off engagement and fall away completely. I wish people knew that their efforts MATTERED and they could help just by being here and commetning on a few posts a week, writing a decent post once a week - that'd help, wouldn't it?

I hope so. At least when I see someone commenting this, I don't lose hope. Thanks for your feedback.I wish to find power in myself to never give up on this. After all the leader of the community should always work more. This is what I understand.

@riverflows Tell us please, how to get support from @tribesteemup ? As you see, we are powering up everything we earn to grow the account, we really need such support. Can you help with that please, the account is really made to support as much steemians as we can. We can also autoupvote members of the naturalmedicine or the tribe, just tell me names of those who need support and I will add them to the list, any dedicated steemians will be added there.