Vote for Lacking! Vote for apathy! Or don't. I don't care.

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Hello, Lacking here. A total underdog in the race for dCity presidency. I got started in the game a few weeks ago in the weirdest way ever, probably, maybe. Mr @themarkymark was selling his dCity collection and I noticed his rewards. Did some quick calculations and realized that this game may actually be a halfway decent ROI on my Hive. Rather than staking it in Hive Power I decided to stake some money into dCity cards. Obviously, chasing the Hive rewards in the game is out of my budget, but chasing the SIM token rewards might be up there! And even without going through and really fine tuning my setup, I've managed to hit, in my opinion, a sweet ROI. I am getting close to 3 hive a day in SIMs. That's stellar! My 7.3k HP on a fairly decent curation trail (Delegated proof of brain woo) isn't even netting me that! And, God forbid I decide to.... vote for something I, myself like! 😖 In that sense I find dCity to be a good investment.

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How I ended up signing up for the election is a mildly amusing story. Someone thought they may have to "register to vote." 🤣 I said to them in the dCity discord something along the lines of, "In this crazy world I would actually vote for someone who accidentally registered as a candidate." I, obviously didn't register accidentally, but I figured maybe I could play the joker route. I saw the links in the goverment section next to the other candidates and saw that they said something. Unsure what to do (and an idiot who didn't click the link, apparently) I waited a few days, then decided to just ask our current president, @ecoinstant on twitter. He's a good guy out there every day repping the game, you should give him a follow here -->

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All this time I haven't been talking about dCity on twitter, or Hive. I haven't even been all that active in the discord lately. Not really doing a good job getting my name out there to the people. And as you can see by this tweet, I have even lagged on making this post! And that's when it hit me. My platform shouldn't be silly.

It should be APATHY

My plan, if elected as president is to do the bare minimum. Plain and simply, I won't touch much. I won't toggle any switches or diddle any dongles. No blowjobs in the oval office. Barely any tweets. Not too many posts about the game. Just... apathy.

Consider it... Controlled Anarchy.


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OMG the guy in Discord that thought you have to register to vote was me 🤣

Because you said you would have voted for me you get my vote in the next election cycle if you stay in the presidential game
That's how democracies work... I think 😜

Amazing post
Good luck

Great update citizen! Happy to have you join the campaign trail.

Might I suggest to accompany your strategy, you become somehow very annoying, so annoying that, if they vote for you, your elected apathy will be refreshing 😅

Just an idea!

Also, consider selling those dangerous banks and buying a MIC 😉

Ooh, I may just have to do that and get some more of that sweet sweet war tax.


So wait do I need to register to vote for you?! 🤣 Lacking for president and I approve this message 😉