Dcity taxes

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Can someone kick that president away ?
Those taxes are just unbearable.

Quelqu'un peut virer ce président ?
Les textes sont insupportables


And please note his name to avoid voting for him...
Merci de noter son nom pour éviter de revoter pour lui.

A bientôt,
≋𝕴𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆 𝕲𝖆ï𝖆𝖓≋


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There you go, almost 70%, soon the sim to the moon but no more roi for people wihout huge army center.... This is ridiculous

Would you rather want your SIM to be worth nothing?

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The war tax will not affect the sim value, it will simply go to the military owners.........

I was talking about the rest of the taxes. Income tax is this high mostly because SIM is losing its value.

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Indeed, and without that war thing, it would be more bearable ;)

It's the game but I really don't like the war tax.
Even more because there is no proper war un the game. It's just a way for some people to get a better income. And I know that even for some players the taxe is bigger that what bring the military industrial complex thanks to this tax.

I thought you were talking about the income tax because income tax is this high only because SIM is losing its value.

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Oh, it's more about the accumulated taxes which is too high there. Just the income tax isn't a problem because as you said if SIM doesn't worth anything it wouldn't be a great investment !

Surtout la taxe de guerre est bien élevée et ne sert que certaines personnes.
Je viens de tomber a 91 d'income avec 51% de taxes. Il y a quelques temps j'avais la même rentrée d'argent quand il n'y avait que 10% de taxes..
J'avoue que là c'est assez énorme. Les 35% d'il y a quelques jours étaient encore supportables


lol! I was just inside discord bitching.

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