The update 6 of the @Homeless-city project - will give real help

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The @homeless-city project


A few month ago, driven just form the idea that someone has to create a virtual home for all the homeless cards from the new game dCITY, this account was started by @detlev on the blockchain.


Now, we already have 1354 in population, but as a side effect the city had a huge negativ popularity.

But with the help from many people, we got the popularity already up to only 272 by today.

picture is from last day before this post and we did some buys

A month ago it looked like this

That is awesome!

Next activities

We need to get the population up to get more income in Hive and SIM.

Reach 1700 in population to earn 1 HIVE a day

and as well

Build more Education to develop Homeless into workers

So, if you like to support this social and fun project please feel invited to donate some more Cards to grow the @homeless-city

Everybody who like to support the project will get a shoutout (if he like) and can enjoy the grow of this project.

Actual Statuts of Homeless-city

See the latest info and stats about the city.
Here we got more Hive, as we didn't touch the income from dCity and by today this are already 84 HIVE and a value of 30 USD.


The status from a month ago


The account value is growing
and we don't touch
the earned HIVE to buy cards,
as we mainly do this
from SIM or from donations.

View of the city


Here you see that we have 52 people more available to use new cards.
Let me see if I can send again a useful card from my city to support the project.

If you send anything, please leave a note at the comments

From the blockchain to the people

A plan is born!

As a great community here on #hive we will to grow the account to get some funds to donate this to the following groups

(1) Institute of Global Homelessness as they provides homes for families in need



This is actual a small initiative, but it is the start and the #HIVE can do it.

Hive shape.png

Whenever there is 100 USD we will issue the first transaction and as we are on the blockchain, everything is transparent for everybody.

If you have any idea, feel free to help or let us know.

The @Homeless-city statement

50% of our income
goes to HELP!
The other 50% into
building the city
to earn more
to help even more!

At the moment, this account is managed be @detlev

The @homeless-city is available on dCITY

We are the
and we care!



well done with this project idea! Its amazing!
You should consider posting in the charity community as well, it would be nice to start building the community of goodwill on HIVE so that people can easily use their upvotes to support lots of good projects that are helping the needy around the world. So far there are not a lot of people there....but I hope soon we can be having lots of discussion there and work out how HIVE can be doing plenty of good things for the world! x

Yeah, i love the idea and the development. I just donated again 500 BEER wich is around 160 HIVE as there was a lot of stuff to buy for the city by using the BEER token.

Great stuff.

Just send 5 more homeless on their way and donated 3 art gallery's.
Getting very close to that top 150 now.

Many thanks "Number one"

We reached level 150 yesterday

Nice initiative!
I just sent you some homeless for your city.

I love this idea.
Donated 3 job centers to help training.

whooot, many thanks and for sure - from me as well a !BEER

Hey @luca-legend, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

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Stretching the game like this is a good thing. I am more like a conservativs typs, i stick to balance my city in terms of facilities.

Hi @Detlev,
What I understood so far is: You get homeless people donated from others. Homeless are "bad" in a city, because they reduce the popularity and with this, the income of the city. So how does this "donation" bring wealth to your city?
I can see, you also get other cards donated. Is it this, what brings the value in?

But the idea seems good for me. The community donates cards to your city. The city creates value with this. You reinvest the halve of it and the other halve will be donated to a real live charity project.
As soon as I can see the first donation to real people, @homeless-city will appear in the CHARY positive-list.

Regards, Achim

Yes, you got it. As there are endless production of homeless cards in the game, everybody could send one or more and support the city.

Some of the players as well donate other cards and the city develop own cards.

As some player offer cards for BEER, I donate some BEER to get cards for the city.

The project is still young but we already have generated 30+ USD for the charity!

With next updates, it will be faster each day!

Ok, thanks

I might support this place when my city surpasses that place.

Haha, this is great. TAKE ALL OF MY HOMELESS PLEASE!!!

Hey, just saw this post from your reblog

The other 50% into
building the city
to earn more
to help even more!

Can you go into some detail about what this means please? I'd like to know more. Thanks

@pfunk The more buildings you buy for your city, the more income it will generate.

It makes more sense if you check out Dcity.
I have given you a luxury home and a public restroom, so your city now has 3 population and 3 SIM income.

Have fun!

Thank you, I'll take a closer look into it. I've been meaning to.

You are welcome.
If you have any questions, feel free to dm me on discord.


I saw you pass in the city-stream.
Welcome to Dcity!

You pulled two nice cards. As you can see, at the moment your shopping mall and restaurant are red.
This means there are now enough people to work in them and they don't generate any income.
I have sent you some population cards, so now your shopping mall is active.

If you add more population, by buying basic homes ( 4 population) or apartments (20 population) on the Dcity market, you can getyour restaurant to produce income as well. It's all about balance.

From now you are on your own. ;-)

Wow, thanks again! Yeah just poking around and seeing how it works.

It is a fun game and it need only 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Hi @pfunk,

the city has two income streams. One in Hive (which we collect for real donations) and the other is SIM (which we use for development)

Sure, the donations are income stream 3, but this comes by random. I just donated some more stuff to buy more cards.

My next goal is to have an income of 1 Hive each day with the city.

Therefore I will do another donation to keep it going.