dCity🏙️ 20x🎴CARDS 💸Giveaway!

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This is an experimental Giveway...

Cooperating with @iamarpit, on the Dcity Giveaway Discord Server, I am giving away 20 cards from dCity, a game from @gerber.

What cards are in the draw?

Its #COVID times... and all I wish everyone is to have some place to stay... so, I am giving away TWENTY (20) Basic Home 🏠 cards.

Yes, that's right!

There are 20 winners out of this GIVEAWAY. Grab yours, quick!


What do I need to do?

Very simple! Just join the above mentioned Discord Channel and then choose ROLE at #get-a-role channel. It will entitle you of the type of user in that discord channel. Then just click the obvious icon on the #general channel, this one 👉 Giveaway: 🎉

In a day... I will announce it!

Probably too soon.. LOL
Maybe I will do another one even sooner with more interesting prizes!

Let's try to share this, and see what I can do within the 7 days of the post curation. Anything is possible, so make sure you stay tuned during the 7 day period of this post.

Results of the #GIVEAWAY

That's right... it was a quick one... and there was 13 lucky people!
@mindblast, @hotasian, @mango-juice, @mawit07, @shitsignals, @Apprentice001, @bibdieu.fr, @iamarpit, @Pardinus, @steemshiro, @sahmmie, @balcol, @Nockzonk

(verifying accounts)

Discord Link

You are all getting a Basic Home 🏠!


Checking accounts... and then doing the transfers... give me a second!

There you go, all the transactions:
@mindblast (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/0d6e77cf58f44701dbf9ecdb87ece8aa752704c6)
@hotasian (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/c10d5e364c867d0bf0af2a6819d0aa387ecdff5d)
@mango-juice (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/cfa8827a464d28438215956eea8f9d293c9f9c86)
@mawit07 (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/18df6786efd3f20d3d48857dc03a80c34182e955)
@shitsignals (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/cc167d004cbf473d8b971727fe5f722b96fbc628)
@apprentice001 (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/9e984e6b373ac0eb9d3531da1050011208b9b02a)
@iamarpit (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/9e288f210f25dc5c36c468d19c196b730ae6c45a)
@pardinus (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/3b7e026851bb1f9018066614d024875c03bcb636)
@steemshiro (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/194833ce6bdece834d9e07909c06137d40623c01)
@sahmmie (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/f0a9eb582399667756f74218e66fa76c31a837b7)
@balcol (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/2aca9219731da936dff8668042199adbe1cdbc4e)
@nockzonk (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/b01e305e0dd7b7eb1ed6dba97e0aa0548476b776)
@bibdieufr (https://hiveblocks.com/tx/08d9ab1bc660dfee985fefb57e117feee7537796)

Sharing on my newly CRAZY @forkyw twitter account!

If you share it, please paste your share here so I can acknowledge that with some "incentive!" =)

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by @forykw


Nice giveaway :) I just started played this week, the game is interesting, invested some hive in it. It say that I get 9% chance to be robbed tonight 😂 so I might need to invest in some police stations once I earn more money. I put for sale an airport to be able to get some sim for police to reduce crime. 👮‍♀

Don't forget that the upcoming updates you can vote for a governor... that will set taxes that will help specific buildings. =) check dcity discord channel for more info.

This looks interesting when considering today price @ Basic Home. I Will take my chance on this Giveaway. Good luck to all participants

I will try to update this post with something new during the curation period, so be sure yo tell you friends... they might like it too, and I will try to giveaway some "more nice" cards during the weekend, if I have the chance.

Good work @forykw this will help encourage new players coming in. ;)

Mindblasting everyone I can. This weekend will be really nice... with the upcoming SpaceX Demo launch... and a bunch of other stuff I am following. Be sure to connect with my new twitter account... @forkyishere

Yes, I already followed your twitter account. ;)


That's a great idea to have such giveaway, cheers to you and success !

Its going to be interesting how to check these accounts.

Thanks. Just started playing this last week. I see great potential. Long dcity!

You deep shit head.... you are my dark side! I hate you! 🤣

I hate you too... so we are good.

Tried to join the fun!


Started playing Dcity because of you! :P On 213th so far... maybe I'll reach top 200 soon!

Tenho 300$ de splinter lands... fiz umas comprinhas ... depois destas promoçoes do "So Tenho Estas Esporras Mesmo" para vender... =)

Nota: foi o melhor accronimo que arranjei! LOL

Thank you!!! Really curious about the new updates, don't know wether to keep improving or just accumulate SIM and plan as the new cards arrive. Oh, so many strategiessss! :)

Amazing giveaway @forykw. Tweeted about your post. Looking forward to your posts.

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Give some banks away and show us what you're made of lol ;-)

Sure... cooking the best way for you all to bring more users onboard...
Leeds / Bangkok?

Is there a Leeds UK neighborhood in Bangkok?

There will always be a part of Leeds here while ever I'm living in Bangkok mate!!

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If only i would have joined sooner. Well i joined the new one that is up so i hope i win. well have a good day