Are you 🚔Ready🕖 for ✨the 👉next 🔄update of 🏙️dCity?

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It's very 😱close!

From my end, this is looking amazingly good looking and very eagerly awaited. Also, this weekend will be the first #bitcoin weekend after the halving, it can surely become even more interesting? Right!!! F... let's hope for some FUN 😎!


That's fricking crazy... to be there... My glasses look so great! A feat from @skyleap... thanks for this mate, you rock! If you wish to get an avatar like mine, please make sure yo contact him and show some appreciation.

Progressing within the game!

First time on Ranking 5th place

Right, that is true but more importantly, I am now 3rd 😳 on the SIM Income zone... at least for the moment. That's very important on the daily basis. The more SIM you get, the more cards you can buy, daily.

Another thing to look for here is the "Popularity"... A shout for @dustindivitto, @themightyvolcano, @diverse, @abrockman, and then me! There is a very important advantage of relying on a very high popularity. This means that every population you get, will in fact represent a lot more, reducing the need to buy population based cards.

Another aspect to watch for is the amount of SIM you might loose if you have unemployed population. Soon this might take a different shape, but for now you need to worry about it.

Some play strategically to get the highest ranking on the STEEM/HIVE winnings, but they forget that if you are flooding your city with population, you are also, paying a tax on that. Loosing some of that SIM has sometimes a balance between the amount of SIM lost for taxes and the rank places you target to achieve to win the same equivalent HIVE.

New 💘upcoming cards

This is going to blow off your mind... the game is just going to step up into a whole new level when this ones come in. Not just it will make hard to monopolize certain cards... but it will create a lot more dynamic among the properties of these cards.

Check them up 🤩

Mostly all of them after the "Bank" card...
with exception for "Worker" and "Hard Worker"

Some How-TO Helpful posts!

Consider valuing their work. These are:
@ironshield, @sumatranate, @cryptictruth, @kaeserotor, @stever82 and @cryptoknight12. For now!

Check these Cryptocurrency 💳Cards


by @forykw


Congrats on being ranked 5. Also thanks for the shout out. I will need to make a new video when all the new stuff is out. Hope to see this game grow.

Yes please. =) Sharing this game on other social media is a great advertising of HIVE too. The game is quite simple to start playing and that associated with the fact that people have to onboard #HIVE, makes this community even more interesting.

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Gosh... 3 years... time fly.

Yes it does @forykw!! I also couldn't believe it when I turned 3 last month! Buuut it is a great reason to celebrate! So cheers to you 🥂❤️
Also It would be very appreciated if you could vote for our proposal on so we can keep up the good work!
cheers, @lizanomadsoul from hivebuzz team

Thanks @lizanomadsoul. Done. I was meant to do it for some time but I always get distracted with something else. Need to re-read some other proposals as well that I was hoping to support.

Thank you for your unfailing support @forykw, really appreciated! 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️
Yes, there are so many great projects out there at hive! Great to see the community so united and alive 😉
cheers, liz

You recalled me to log into this... =) 😅


Looks nicer... by the way. Would be nice to add an "auto" refresh check button. Something like every 5 minutes would do I guess. Or less if that's fine for the front end.

Ya I bought 16k sim to be ready to buy some cards. Might try to get even more. Have to see if I can get some good payouts before it is live.

Great to see you in the top 5 and surely you will be in the top 2 or even the first soon

Hahaha, there's a quite long road up there. But hey, who knows how the future will change the strategy. =)

DCity is growing and thinking how it started and where it reached is pretty Amazing. From a Discord chat game to a blockchain one and on HIVE it must have a great community behind it. Hope it will reach the skies!

I am really surprised for the overwhelming effective reachout the game is accomplishing. Really tells a lot about the consistency of the people around the game =) super exciting.

thanks for mentioning me :) your sim income is huge, hope I will be there some day

I have seen you buying stuff a lot lately, yeah 🤘... watch others, and keep it up. Strategy as the game develops keeps getting more interesting.

Wow 😳! Nice job !

You are kicking some butts on dcity.

I missed out for the first month... then it was too late or expensive to catch up unfortunately

I think that there is always a chance to get some advantages. First players got some advantages, but now because the market is too big, there are other advantages on buying cheap stuff.

Its never to late. Depending on how much you can dump into the game, since the games you get is random :D
So you can always get better or worst cards :p

Can't bloody wait! Got my SIM hodled and ready to go!

So excited for the update!!

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Me too! There will a huge change in market flow with the new cards. So, gonna be a massive get to the cards, when they release.

i'm almost at 200 so i can start making something soon.

Thanks for the shoutout this is a great game that I hope everyone checks out.

Share it around... I am learning that people "outside" of #HIVE and even blockchain techs are starting to "eye-catching this game" from afar. So, that is quite a very interesting a unique situation for #HIVE. Sort of the same thing Splinterlands did as a card game, but now with a different concept game.

So true!

Wow! you are great! Thank you(^^)v

Good work needs to be surfaced in my view =)

Nice post 😎

@tipu curate

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Yes of course.

I don't see you there... different alt account?

Looking for my way in.