DCity Game Compose your City Contest - Concept Art - Godzilla Animation

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Here is a fun little animation I made for DCity, one of the disaster scenarios in the game could be Godzilla showing up to your city.


Having a military base would reduce the time Godzilla spends in your city eating people ;)

I could not figure out a way to display the svg files directly in the post, so links are below, anyone know of a way to embed svg into the post or is that not possible?

Godzilla Static Image SVG file

Godzilla Animation SVG file

I can create gif

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holy bread banner


Glad I clicked both files. That's dope!


Hello!!! This Godzilla is so cool 😂
Could you please help me by pointing me to a tutorial on how to animate an SVG? I couldn't find any! I use adobe illustrator.
Good luck with Godzilla!!

Yeah I had a hard time finding an easy tool for this also, I ended up using this https://svgflipbook.com/

Thank you!!! 👍🏻I will have a look 😊

Oh I forgot, I think it's not possible to embed SVG here but You can make a gif :)