Small updates, stats, and alternative markets

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We're currently preparing a few small changes for better sustainability in dCity:

  1. Change in the HIVE rewards distribution from 1.5% per day to 1%

This change will slow down the distribution of the rewards pool. For example at 1.5% (current level), 75% of the pool is distributed in just ~90 days. After the change, it will be distributed in ~135 days.

This will not only increase the long-term sustainability of the rewards pool itself, but it will also make the amount of HIVE that is continuously earned and redistributed from curation more impactful.

  1. Taxes for cities with 0 income

10-30% reduction on HIVE rewards for cities with 0 income. The President decides on this percentage.

  1. Decreasing the limit on random citizens. From now on, you can get 1 random citizen daily. The game is printing too many random citizens, and the population problem is bigger every day :)

These changes should be live in a week.

Dcity statistics:

Total Market Cap Value for All Dcity Cards:

Total Trading Volume (Cards Traded Per Day):

Charts from:
Made by @rafalski: a webpage with dcity statistics

You can also check alternative markets for dcity:

Game WebpagedCity DiscordGame Tutorials
Game WebpagedCity discordby @nealmcspadden
by @libertycrypto27
by @ecoinstats

Biggest change seems like the tax on cities with 0 income. Those dudes at the top of the leader board are not going to be happy, especially when you add in the drop from 1.5-1% for distribution.

Overall I feel like the distribution will hit a balance no matter the percentage. If the goal is to grow the distribution pool then I think this lower percentage is a good move. I think the majority of cities are getting their primary income from SIM but the daily HIVE bonus is always nice.

haha, no I think these changes are great.
The 1% payout will mean a bigger reward pool and although my 0 income city is on 1st position, i think it will benefit the game to penalize 0 income cities.

I sense there will be complains :)

I don't think I like the tone of this comment :/



No complaints here,

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I like the new tax system, I think the random daily citizen limit will be harder for newer cities & players

I guess we’ll see the top10 dcities producing a little bit of sim very soon then.

But I don’t think they’ll ever get close to @themightyvolcano. I guess he will be number one soon.

Great updates, support strongly. Citizen cards will increase in value??? Only time will tell!

Seems like some good changes.

I like the changes! ;) especially that one about the 0 income cities!

Taxes for cities with 0 income
10-30% reduction on HIVE rewards for cities with 0 income. The President decides on this percentage. @dcitygame

Thanks for the info.
I have one homeless person and a circus.
My @Rar3Cardz Circus

Anyone have any tips?

Buy cards on the market
Buy SIM on Hive-Engine

more population, someone needs to work for you :)