Traditional Korean religion and Buddhism In Bongeunsa Temple

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Korean traditional Buddhism is mixed with various religions.
When Buddhism was accepted in Korea, traditional shamanism was absorbed. After that, Korean Buddhism was strongly influenced by Chinese Taoism.


The Big Dipper, which was considered important in Taoism, was also crucial in traditional shamanism in Korea.
The meaning of the Big Dipper in Korean shamanism is not recorded enough.
However, the Big Dipper were often drawn on the dolmens made during the Bronze Age of Korea

Bukgeugbojeon is a temple placed in the highest point of Bongeunsa.
Bukgeugbojeon means a temple for worshiping the Big Dipper and Polaris.

In Korean Shamanism, the Polaris had a role as controlling human life and fortune.
As Korea modernized, the Big Dipper faith disappeared.
However, only a few decades ago, the Big Dipper was a vital faith in Korea.
When the mother prayed for the well-being of her children, she prayed to the Big Dipper.

Unlike other temples, Bongeunsa Temple had a separate temple for the Big Dipper named Bukgeugbojeon
I was told that there was a temple for the Big Dipper, but it was a rare case.



A painting in the center of Bukgeugbojeon depicted the personification of the Big Dipper and the Polaris.
There were two more paintings left and right around the Big Dipper.
One of them was a god of the mountain.


On the other side, there was a painting and a statue which seemed like Dokseong.
Dokseong means a person who was enlightened by himself, and historians considered him as the main character of the birth myth of Korea.


Various pockets were hanging around the temple.
In Korea, these pockets serve as storing a good fortune.
Buddhists hung the pockets to pray for the blessing of their families.



The paintings around the Bukgeugbojeon were old, but I could easily notice that Taoism had heavily influenced them.



The Big Dipper and the Polaris seemed to be important in Bongensa.

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very good post, unforgettable religion and history, good luck friends

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Beautiful photography

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Wonderful pictures.

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Very nice pictures
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its always good to see the religious places and to know about different traditions

It's also a pleasure for me to be able to show my culture!

I resteem your posting

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Brelent photography

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From what you mention, I concluded that like the West, there was also syncretism in Korea. The result of many people of different latitudes.

Thank you for sharing your reviews, I have become a regular reader of them.

Probably, I dare in the future, to investigate in detail about some traditions of my people to publish about it.

You're right. Several religions have been synthesized in Korea. I look forward to read your post about your culture!

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Many thanks to you for pointing us to the beautiful places of the temple.

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Glad to learn about the pocket of good fortune. Thanks for sharing an informative post with some good pictures.

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Many countries have different influence from one to another, when I read shamanism that immediately reminded me my country of origin Kazakhstan where it was also one of the first beliefs before Islam and then atheism of Soviet Union influence and now back to Islam. For me, I am open minded, I believe every religion has its good sides and we people can learn the best and also our common sense should play the important role with tolerance to strange thinking too. Actually since I watched recently "Ancient Alien" documentary I am someone who beliefs that it is likely that we are the children of stars and I like that theory :)

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