Reflections on Beauty and Ugly, in Deawoongjeon of Younghwasa

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We want to live happily. The moment when you feel happy is nirvana.
There is a difference between Nirvana in Buddhism and the happy feelings we feel in our lives.
The difference is how long it lasts.
Enlightenment in Buddhism leads to happiness forever. However, happiness in the secular world is temporary. It is hard to last long.

When some conditions are met, you feel happy. If some conditions are not met, you feel unhappy.
The Representative of such conditions is money and love. Not everyone will, but if you have enough money and love, you feel happy. But the problem is that the happiness obtained by money and love does not last long. If health worsens, both money and love are worthless.

So to be truly happy, you need to change your way of looking at the problem.
Then the world will change.
But the problem is that it's hard to change perspectives.
To change your perspective, don't stick to what you think is right.
We must also recognize and accept the ideas and perspectives of others. It is not easy. At this point, there seems to be a fundamental difference in Eastern and Western philosophy.

Beauty is relative, too.
It is either beautiful or not beautiful depending on the perspective of view.
Younghwasa temple is not a mountain temple, but a temple in the city.
That is why it is not easy to feel the emotions felt in other temples in Younghwasa.
But if we change our perspective a little, we can also find beauty in Younghwasa.

Through taking pictures, I realized that beauty and ugliness depend on the angle of view I see
So I look for a spot where buildings and landscapes look the most beautiful.

PA200063 (1).JPG

PA200064 (1).JPG

The beauty we discover is not a complete reflection of the beauty of the building or landscape.
Everything in the world has various facets and seems differently depending on our standards of beauty.


I thought that the viewpoint was important as I looked at the photo of beautiful Daeungjeon and the pillar gate in the middle of the busy city.

PA200067 (1).JPG

I also saw a picture of the cat I met in front of the temple restaurant.
Every time I see cats, I think they are noble beings.
Humans can also be valuable when they are alone. If you gather around and brag about your strength, you can't be a noble being. So I like cats.

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우리는 지속가능한 삶을 살고 있는가

모두들 자신의 삶에 불만들이 많다. 그렇지만 하나 분명한 것은 우리는 지금 지나칠 정도로 물질...


However, happiness in the secular world is temporary. It is hard to last long.

That's very true. That's why I like to make a clear distinction between happiness and wellbeig. While happiness, as you say, is a short term emotion that we experiene while with friends, or when we read something funny, wellbeing reflects how our mind is at peace, how we feel fulfilled or that our lives have purpose and that we live according to our goals and values.

Many that I encounter are only foused on whether or not they are happy, but then end up still feeling depressed or unfulfilled. I think it is still possible, in the secular world, to experience the deeper enlightenment that you mention, but it surely requires more mindfulness and awareness of what is important to you, and how every day is a chance to live with purpose. Especially today with so many suppliers of short term instant gratification.

Thank you for your post. It remided me to take a moment today to just stop and see my local lake (also covered in the colors of fall) from a different angle.

I agree with you. And in addition to what you wrote in this blog post, I would like to add the fact that some people are maintaining/showing (or trying to maintain/show) that they are (apparently) happy. But appearances can be deceiving. Some people may look happy, but they are actually not happy.

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You're right. We are easily fooled by what we see. Thank you for your comment! :)

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Great insight. We cannot please everyone and we have to accept that. We own two cats (@leysa), but they like @leysa more than me. Probably because I stir them up ;) @alliedforces curate

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My family owns a dog, and he likes my daughter the most. Haha :)

Leysa feeds them and I clean up after them...!

Wow, nice place to meditation! 🧘🙏

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It was such a peaceful place.

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Well I've heard about how Buddhism seems to be about the practices of inner satisfaction and peace and well Irrespective of having any material wealth. Obviously there is beauty in Younghwasa and a sense of serene Fufilment. The pictures taken are definitely astonishing I mean look at the location of the evening sunlight on them

You're right. Internal peace, which is not related to matter, is the most important thing in Buddhism. Have a nice day :)

Interesting your thoughts on the concept of happiness based on the perspective of life. I think it is one of the dilemmas that has put many philosophers and religious upside down. Of course, it will be a topic that will continue to be discussed for some time, since we all have the impulse to look for it. Who has the last word? I do not know, but I believe that in the simplicity of life and in the acceptance of the reality that surrounds us, there is a large part of the solution.

Of the beauty of things, I totally agree with you. Beauty depends on the side you look at. Just to exist, there is some beauty. Missing alone, there is.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. Excellent photographs that support these reflections.

I also like cats, but some of my best friends are dogs.

I agree with you about happiness. Acceptance of reality is an essential key to find a solution for our problems. Thank you always! Have a nice day :)

Nice place to visit

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You're right! :)

Sehr schöne Bilder
Grüße aus Deutschland
// 1,2,3, gute Laune //
Very nice pictures
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Have a nice day :)

Thanks for represent another beautiful temple photography.

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It's my pleasure :) Thank you for your comment!

Beautiful nature wonderful posted dear @slowwalker

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Thank you so much! Have a nice day :)

Welcome brother

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very beautiful digital photograghy
.you are really great man.bro

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Thank you so much! Have a great day :)

There is a difference between Nirvana in Buddhism and the happy feelings we feel in our lives.

@slowwalker, Exactly right. For take Nirvana to someone, he or she have to do more difficult tasks. They want to sacrifice lot of their passion. But if someone got Nirvana he/she never born in the world. Actually nirvana is a huge achievement in human's life Buddhists believe. But more people looking their secular world's happy. It's temporary. You have explain explain perfectly. Beautiful perspective of view this temple.

You're right. Reaching Nirvana is the biggest task for Buddhists. Thank you always! Have a nice day :)

autumn colors are the best!

Have you ever thought that people who live happily are not able to appreciate the value of that happiness, once you go through hard time, you rely on your close friends, family and only those people who can experience that not only money and wealth make people happy.

Freedom of spirit, soul and mind is important to be happy. In many cases we see how in such poor countries like Latin America, Cuba or like in my mother land Kazakhstan where the majority of population is poor, people still happy to accommodate a strange and share some food with them. But living in Western world for many years now it is really noticeable how different the society is.

Beauty is something that always attracted me no matter what kind of beauty, it is a strong power but it does not last long, which is fair and probably because we all realize it we are not jealous if we do not possess it :)

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@slowwalker, Everyone wants to live happily and people searching for aspects of happiness. The only difference is, the definition of Happiness differs and that's the beauty of thoughts, perception, imagination, reality and life situations.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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