Panjeon, a building for keeping Buddhist scriptures in Bongeunsa Temple

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There is an interesting building in Bongeunsa, which stores Buddhist scriptures.
That building keeps woodblock, used for printing Buddhist scriptures.
In Korean Buddhism, it was believed that Buddhist scriptures functioned as a defense of the nation.
Koreans believed that they could defeat the enemy with the power of the Buddha.
When Mongols invaded the Goryeo, people made woodblock to print Buddhist scriptures before fighting.
That woodblock is now preserved as treasure.

There are woodblocks for printing Buddhist scriptures in Bongeunsa.
The interesting thing is that the signboard of the building to keep the woodblock is very famous.

In East Asia, calligraphy is an art.
Kim Jung-hee, a very famous scholar and calligrapher, wrote on the signboard of that building.
The name of that building is Panjeon.


At first glance, the world ‘Panjeon’ seems to be written by a child.
If the level of calligraphy is extremely good, the calligrapher writes like a child.
I was told that calligrapher writes the meaning of the letter itself beyond all skills and techniques.

I stared at Panjeon for a long time.
I looked at the calligraphy for a long time, but I could not understand its greatness.
It may be because of my lack of discernment.

I once looked at Picasso’s painting and thought it was like a painting drawn by a child.
I guessed that Picasso tried to draw the essence of the image beyond skills. Perhaps, that’s why his paintings looked like a painting drawn by a child.

I couldn’t get inside the Panjeon.
It was closed after 3 pm.
People believed that praying in Panjeon will help their children achieve good grades on the test.
Parents pray hard in Panjeon for their children to go to a good university or to pass a lawyer or doctor’s exam easily.



I couldn’t get inside, so I only saw the scenery outside.
I want to take some pictures of inside someday.
The building looked like a warehouse.
Windows were made for ventilation.



This building seemed older than the others.
Luckily, it has avoided destruction during many wars.

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love these pics

Thank you :)

It's interesting that all you were able to see was the calligraphy, and it was simple as a child's writing.

I have practiced the art of writing all my life and I can honestly say that when it is real it is simple as a child's.

Why is this? Because the most profound truths belong to us all, not just the intellectually enlightened.

A child can live and a child can die. That is such a profound truth that it is hard to contemplate let alone understand.

You didn't get inside the temple walls, @slowwalker, but you penetrated into a deep truth. Being inside may have only distracted you from what you were really meant to learn.

Have a good day, my friend.

You're right. Some truths already have been inside us, but we're trying to find them from outside. Thank you for your insight! Have a nice day!

You're welcome, my friend :)

good post, this building has a history, and for Buddhism this is where the store of knowledge is very valuable, have a good day, friends, hope you are always healthy, and happy

You're right! Panjeon is a store of knowledge. I hope it will be well preserved for a long time.

agreed to really be treated

@tipu curate

Sehr schöne Bilder
Grüße aus Deutschland
// 1,2,3, gute Laune //
Very nice picture
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Have a nice day :)

Every temple of budhism l have seen is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing

They are so beautiful! Thank you for coming :)

@slowwalker, Panjeon is perfect place for preserve and store Buddhist scriptures. Exactly protecting scripture much needed thing for next generation. Especially Korean's need to preserve them bcz Koreans Buddhist scriptures functioned as a defense of the nation. Those on the door step bring us. Unfortunately you coudn't go inside the Panjeon. Building seems awesome color combination there. However you caught brilliant captures again.

Thank you! Buddhist scriptures are great cultural heritage. I hope that they will be preserved well in Panjeon for next generation.

Looks like the buildings are quite old. But still the wooden windows look very strong and solid.
Your below concept is interesting.

I guessed that Picasso tried to draw the essence of the image beyond skills. Perhaps, that’s why his paintings looked like a painting drawn by a child.

Those windows were made strong! I hope they last long. I don't know much about Picasso, but I see some similarities between Picasso's painting and Panjeon's calligraphy.

Once again I am back after busy days. What I found interesting is calligraphy, seeing the old movies about South East and those letters it is a ceremony to write such symbols, where a special hold of a brush required and the whole movements in wrist and arms that may make the writings different. That is a real art.

The same was in old Europe, reading old books that we still have from my hubby's grandparents the books written in old German with those letters that are difficult to read but the fascinating thing is also to see hand writings from old time.

It is a shame that the temple was already shut. Nevertheless thank you for the pictures of the exterior of the temple :)

From your comment, I could guess writing was part of art in many cultures in the past. Maybe it is because literacy was a privilege in the old days. Thank you for your comment. Have a nice day!

Such a beautiful and interesting building. I hope you do get to go inside.

Maybe I should revisit to go inside there!

I think that would be a great reason to go back. Your photos are great, by the way!

Excellent story about the belief of Korean Buddhism about the protection that writing provides to the nation. What do you think about this?

I will be attentive, if you can show us in the next post, something about the interior of this temple.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.

I guess people in the past believed that Buddha gave them the power to defeat the enemy. Carving each woodblock was not an easy work. To show their faithfulness to Buddha, people made woodblock for Buddhist scriptures.

I do understand.


That was so retro!

this place has seen all the time great to see that and discover this place !

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Thank you :) Have a nice day!

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Thank you :)

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