Jijangjeon, a place for the dead.

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Among the temple buildings, Jijangjeon is the one which I have been most interested in lately.
Jijangjeon is a place to pray for the dead.
Each Buddhist building has its own meaning and function, so there are many buildings in the temple.



Jijang, who saves the people suffering in the hell, is placed in the center of the Jijangjeon. Around Jijang, there are ten kings of hell who judge the sinners in hell.
Each of these ten kings has the sin to judge.

Jijang pities the dead and prays for their salvation.
Only a few live without sins as a human being.
When parents die, the descendants pray to the Jijang, hoping that the souls of their parents will avoid the pain of hell.
The descendants also pray to ten kings of hell not to punish their parents harshly.


Looking at Bongeunsa Temple's Jijangjeon, I thought that the architectural style of the temple was similar to that of the Silla era.
Gyeongju Bulguksa Temple, the most representative temple of Silla, was similar in architecture.
Bongeunsa was rebuilt because it was destroyed during the Korean war.
I guessed the architects referred to Silla’s architecture in the process of reconstruction.


The ritual for the dead was taking place in Jijangjeon.
The lotus lanterns in the building were all white.



The color of death is different in Asia and other continents.
The color of death in Korea is white as opposed to black in the West.
Jijangjeon was filled with white lotus lantern.



In every temple, the expression on the face of Jijang and ten kings are different.
They have a gentle expression in some temples, whereas they have scary faces in others.
In Boneunsa, they looked soft.

The outer wall of the Jijangjeon depicts the process of judging the dead and leading them to paradise.








A beautiful and colourful post today, @slowwalker.

I'm struck by the similarities between Buddhistic prayers for the dead and Catholic practices.

The monk in your photo stands before an altar lit by candles wearing vestments that resemble those of a Catholic priest.

As in Catholicism, prayers are offered for the dead and candles lit - I know your mother is Catholic and I'm sure she can't help but notice theses similarities.

Regardless of differing doctrines regarding heaven, hell and purgatory, the common thread is compassion - the desire of the living to help the dead.

There is an old saying in the Catholic tradition: we have loved them in life; we will not forget them in death.

I just had to remark on the similarities, my friend.

A beautiful photo essay.

You're right! There are certain similarities between religions. Especially, compassion and love are the commonly found elements of religions! Thanks to you, I learned similarities in practices for the dead between Catholicism and Buddhism.

Have a nice day!!

good post, have fun friend

Wow. What a great big temple. Jijangjeon I would have love to visit but I'm very far away. It an amazing place. Great Vision. Great Photographs.

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Thank you! If you are far away, I will take lots of pictures for you to see.

Yes. I am very far away @slowwalker. Are you on Twitter sir? Thanks in anticipation. I will love to see more pictures. 💕. Greetings from Nigeria.

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The Jijangjeon seems really interesting, I mean it's quite different when vylu consider the fact that faces in the Boneunsa looks Very soft and easy going. Ten kings judging ten sin that's very interesting. Well written

In Buddhism, the dead are judged for ten sins!

Very nice pictures
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Have a nice day :)

The temple painting has left some traces of rose history.!

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Yeah! It was amazing when I saw it for real!

Interesting story about jijangjeon and the dead.

Thank you :)

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Interesting information about hereafter life. Every religion has almost same conclusion. Everyone is liable to give explanation of his sin done in this world.

That's true. I should try not to live with sin, haha

Which Bogeunsa is it? I don't rememeber those pics in one which is located in Seoul

This is Bongeunsa in Samsung station, Seoul!

Everything there is incredible thanks for sharing about it all from inside to outside great to know more about it

Thank you so much :)

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Thanks for represent

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It's my pleasure! Thank you for coming by.

Thank you very much for sharing your comments and photos about this building and its paintings.

You surprise me again, I did not know that the color of death in Asia is White.

I am pleased with your work to disseminate these cultural treasures of your people.

Great job!

Thank you so much! Exploring my culture is a great pleasure for me!

@slowwalker, Actually Jijangjeon showing the meaning of sins. After look Jijangjeon depicts the process of judging the dead, people can be idea for leave from sins. In Sri Lanka has similar type paintings in hall. I remember very recently I went Wewrukannala temple and there had more paintings. Yeah... here's face of Jijang and ten kings are different.You've captured them much better and well explanation.

I wonder what kinds of paintings are in the Wewrukannala temple!

Wow. I love the colorful art.
I think these are the most colorful temples that I have seen (only on pictures), so thank you for sharing @slowwalker

Thank you for your comment! Most of the pictures in Korean temples are colorfully painted!

Super fantastic posted

Thank you :)

Hi brother @slowwalker how are you. I am @welcomes.....?♥

How are you buddy @slowwalker amazing posted...?

You are definitely not a "@slowwalker" with all the places you are visiting :)
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I believe that when you are dead, u are just that 'dead'. There's nothing anyone can do about it

nice detailed post

Hi @slowwalker,
Are these all mostly public spaces that you're documenting or do you have some kind of special pass/access to them? Some of them seem like you'd need some kind of permission to access the space. Thanks.

I gave you upvote 💯 and resteem your posting

Thank you so much!!

Interesting pictures constellation
Reminds on first book I read about your culture long long time ago 1989

Wow, it's amazing there was a book about Korean culture in 1989!

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Thank you so much! Have a nice day :)